Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner Review


Post By Meenu, Wise She Mega NYX Giveaway Entry By Meenu Some time back I’ve read the about “Dove damage therapy shampoo” here on wiseshe. I have been using Dove Hair fall* rescue conditioner from the same range since 2 1/2 weeks. So I thought I should contribute my part in the “Dove Damage therapy” by reviewing the Dove damage therapy –hair fall rescue conditioner too Dove Damage Therapy- Hair Fall* Rescue Conditioner Review

What Dove Claims :-

  • Advanced damage care technology.
  • Patented MICRO MOISTURE SERUM helps repair the weakened hair surface from root to tip.
  • It smoothens lifted cuticles for perfect detangling.
  • Leaves hair strengthened and resistant to hair fall and breakage.

Price of the Dove Hair Fall* Rescue Conditioner:

INR 69 for 90 ml Directions for usage: After shampooing, massage conditioner through hair and rinse thouroughly after 1 to 3 minutes.   Dove Damage Therapy Hair Fall* Rescue Conditioner Review

My Thoughts About Dove Hair fall rescue conditioner

About one month ago, I was suffering from horrible hair fall. When I asked my other family members if they are also having hair fall, everybody said- yes, in this season, its natural to have hair fall. I was relieved but then I collected the hair fell during head wash & combing and showed them mom, she got as horrified as I was by seeing the amount of hair I was losing. I thought I should do something otherwise I’ll go bald :jittery: . I did not have good experience with dove shampoo earlier and I don’t know what convinced my soul to get this thing. <<Fast forward two weeks>> I lose very very less strands nowadays during hair wash and even lesser while combing. I am loving this conditioner.

  dove damage therapy conditioner+dove conditoner review

What I liked about Dove Hair Fall* Rescue Conditioner:

  • It did rescue me from hair fall :dance:
  • I don’t like conditioners that come in bottles. Tube pack rocks as conditioner is less viscous than shampoo.
  • Add a little shine to hair too.

I can’t figure out more pros and I don’t even care because girls, it almost stopped my hair fall. I don’t want anything else……

What I didn’t like about Dove Hair Fall* Rescue Conditioner:

        Hair fall didn’t reduce to zero but no complaints with conditioner. It did awesome job and in such a short time.

 Will I Repurchase:  Yes!

 Wise she Rating: 4/5

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    • hey Mts…pata ha, the ones launched first dint suit me either..and even now their shampoo doesnt suit me that well..the result is so-so only….lekin this conditioner works like a dream..

      • I’m using a leave in conditioner..i used to use a wash off condi from Biolage and a leave in after that…i realised it was weighing down my hair too just using a leave in from Biolage…i will try this if its that good then.. 69Rs is not bad for trying something 🙂

        • as of now m using this dove wala only..b4 this i was using lush jungle & american cream…i keep changing coz my hair get immune to the effects really soon..

          L’oreal doesnt work for me..try Schwarzkoph one Megs..m telling u 100% it will work..if u have damaged hair or hav excess hair fall then go for the Repair and rescue variant (both shampoo n cond) and if u have dry lifeless hair like mine, go for moisture kick range..even they have both shampoo and cond..just try it one and tell me..m sure it’ll workf for u..

  1. Oh..Even i get lot of hairfall during monsoons….and my hair just goes haywire…I better use this now…I just need something to control my frizz too..

  2. Hiya Meenu,
    I haven’t tried the conditioner but yes I too was having hair fall prob n tried out Dove Hair-fall Shampoo and it did help a lil, not a very noticeable change though but yeah was helpful, thanx for the review, TC 🙂

      • Hey Zara,
        I powder Methi Grannules and soak 1Tbs of this powder overnight in water and then apply it to my hair, leave it on for 30 mins and wash off. It gives hair a nice shine, works on dandruff and hairfall but wear a shower cap after applying it so it doesn’t drip.
        Also a good serum helps to keep hair tangle free and thereby avoid breakage, esp in da monsoon when hair turn very dry and keeping my comb clean n grime free at all times, bus yaar aur kuch keliye time nahi milta 🙂 hope this was helpful, Take Care.

        • thanx so much priyanka..this is truly very helpful..i usually travel for work and due to the frequent water change my hair fall increases in this period…so i wanted to check out wot can b done…even like u i cnt spend too much time on it so this seems a gud quick fix.. 🙂 m gona try this 🙂 🙂 :clap-n-jump:


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