Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Overnight Treatment Review


I tried hard  to make Dove damage therapy intense repair overnight treatment work for me but it just didn’t :(  Initially I used it twice a week  but when it didn’t  show effective result I started using it thrice a week.Later I thought that my  hair are not reacting to the treatment well so I gave the product break of  one month or so and then started using it but it refuses to work.

This is what Dove claims about Dove damage therapy Intense repair over night treatment

Dove damage therapy intense repair overnight treatment review

Dove recognizes that the main reason for our hair struggle is damage .That’s why we put damage care and repair at the heart of everything we do.

Night time provides the perfect opportunity to intensely renew your hair from within your sleep.Dove with FIBER ACTIVES deeply penetrates damaged hair throughout the night to actively replenish vital proteins and restore strength.Micro moisture serum nourishes to tip based on reduction of breakage.

How to use  the Dove hair treatment:-


Apply 2-4 pumps of product onto damp or towel dried hair concentrating from the middle to the ends.Leave it throughout the night.It’s non greasy , soft texture melts instantly into your hair leaving no marks on  pillow.Wash or style as usual the next morning.Use at least once as week for optimum result.

Ingredients :-

Dove damage therapy intense repair overnight treatment



My experience with Dove Damage therapy Intense repair


It’s a medium consistency cream which gets soaked by hair with in seconds.My hair don’t feel greasy after using it and neither do they stain pillow.Problem is the effectiveness of the product .I don’t see any softness in my hair after keeping the cream whole night in my hair.It has more of shampoo like fragrance which is not overpowering and doesn’t stay for long so even if one doesn’t wash their hair next day it will not annoy people sitting beside you.

Dove hair treatment intense+Dove damage therapy

When I started using this twice a week my hair started getting dirty frequently  and a  week later I realized that this cream attracts lot of dirt which is making me wash my hair every day which I generally don’t do.

More reason not to like Dove overnight treatment :-

  • I find it expensive if I compared it with the  Dove conditioner and shampoo
  • No shine or smoothness
  • Contain Parabens
  • If this would have been moisturizing enough then need of using conditioner would have drastically reduced but that didn’t happen.

Dove damage therapy overnight treatment

Only thing which I liked about this product is the pump bottle .

There are much better hair treatment available which is Biolage intense therapy  hair mask and L’oreal hair spa nourishing cream

Will I recommend it to others – No, Not on those who have dry and damaged hair.

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  1. I would seriously recommend Loreal Total repair 5 hair masque. I used to have dry hair due to excessive coloring (blonde highlights, streaks etc)..i bought the Loreal one about a month ago and have used it twice so far. has really helped and I can feel the difference. I put it for about 30 mins and the shampoo as usual (though the instructions say to leave it for 5 mins after shampoo and rinse)..

  2. the only dove thing that works for me is their conditioner … the shampoos and leave in conditioner give me hairfall.. esp the leave in conditioners… i have no clue what they put in their products meant for nourishment.

  3. i love dove becoz… my hair used to be dull,dry and rough but after using this my hair became smooth n awesome
    but know also i am not paka becoz.. till now i did’nt used the overnight treatmeant


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