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 Dove Elixir Hairfall Rescue Hair Oil 

We all must have already come across the Dove Elixir ad by now, there is always something different & convincing about dove ads, you can almost blindly trust them. I always wanted to try something from their hair care range & this one looked appealing. But honestly I did not know what to expect from it, was it a hair oil, conditioner or an overnight hair treatment, whatever, since it cost 185/- I thought it wouldn’t hurt my pocket to give it a shot. The Dove Elixir range has three variants: 1. Nourished shine with Hibiscus & Argan oil 2. Hair fall Rescue with Rose & Almond oil 3. Dryness Care with Lavender & Olive oil. I chose the Nourished shine because it contains argan oil.
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  We have heard since our childhood that oiling hair is the best remedy to take care of all the possible hair damages. From our grandmother to our mother, everyone preached this practise, we never took it seriously. However, there is one brand, Dove, that took it sincerely and crafted this hair oil. Made for both men and women, this nourishing hair oil will do its best to protect your hair and make it beautiful. Organic in nature, this Dove Elixir Oil takes care of hair damage and keeps your hair lively. With active natural ingredients such as argan oil & hibiscus, this hair oil is sure to do some magic to your tresses in just 30 minutes unlike the conventional overnight oiling. The healing properties of hibiscus and argan oil make your hair soft and nourished and provide luminosity to your hair. Argan oil retains moisture in your hair, thus, treating dryness and making it supple and smooth. The brilliant blend of hibiscus and argan oil transforms into this Dove elixir nourished shine hair oil and gives you the best nurture possible.
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• Gently pump out a few drops of the precious Dove Elixir.
• Applied Before Washing: hair is soft and nourished.
• Applied After Washing: helps protect your hair from damage.
• Indulge your tresses with the replenishing qualities of Elixir 30 minutes before your hair wash.
PRICE & QUANTITY: Rs 185/- for 90 ml.


  • Packaging: The elixir comes in a pretty transparent glass bottle. It resembles a perfume bottle with a pump dispenser & a transparent cover. A few dried hibiscus petals are suspended in the elixir, which settles at the bottom of the bottle.
  • Texture & Consistency: The consistency is very thin & runny, it does feel oily but not viscous & sticky like oil. It’s a light weight hair serum cum oil with bits of dried petals here & there.

My Experience with the Dove Elixir Nourished Shine :-

Firstly, yes the packaging is very beautiful & classy, but I find it a little hard to handle . The bottle is wide so you don’t get a firm grip on it & as you use it regularly, the bottle & pump become slippery. You will not want to use it on those ‘I am in a hurry’ days.
As you pump the serum out of the bottle a pleasant aroma is dispersed. The elixir has a sweet floral scent you will fall in love with. The petal bits at the bottom also get dispensed, but it doesn’t interfere with the application of the serum.
Now coming to the usage, looking at the ingredient list I did not prefer to use it as a hair oil. Though it has a concoction of various natural oils, it contains 78% mineral oil & dimethicone(silicone derivative). I wonder what will be the percentage of the other oils. So I use it as an after wash hair serum only on the strands.
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Since the consistency of the serum is thin & runny you have to apply it immediately or it would start to drip. As soon as it is applied, hair looks oily & the strands adhere together. It may freak you out initially but there is nothing to worry as it vanishes in half an hour & hair is back to normal. It helps in detangling & doesn’t weigh down the hair but apart from that it does nothing much. Neither does it add shine as claimed nor does it tame frizz. Maybe because it contains lesser amount of silicone derivatives. In my opinion, instead of mineral oil had the serum contained a higher percentage of silicone it would have worked better. Sad but true!

What I liked about Dove Elixir Nourished Shine :-

1. The floral fragrance
2. Beautiful packaging
3. Lower percentage of ‘cones’
4. Contains other natural oils
5. Helps detangling hair
6. Doesn’t weigh down
7. Gets fully absorbed.

What I did not like about Dove Elixir Nourished Shine :-

1. Fragile glass bottle
2. Travel ‘unfriendly’
3. 78% mineral oil
4. Doesn’t add shine
5. No damage repair or therapeutic benefits
6. Not suitable as a hair oil.
RATING: 2.5/5
Will I Recommend or Repurchase Dove Elixir Nourished Shine: I think you can skip this one, I find the claims to be slightly exaggerated. Nope I wouldn’t be picking it up again.

Have you tried Dove Elixir Hibiscus & Argon Oil Review?

You can read Shweta review of Dove Hair Elixir Rose And Almond Hair Fall Control Oil here .She seems to be really liking it.   Dove Hair Elixir Review+dove hair+hair care products

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  1. I have the variant for dry hair and it neither helped nor spoilt my hair. So I am using it as a regular hair oil to finish the bottle. Can’t let Rs. 185 go waste! 🙂

    • Exactly, it does nothing…good that it doesn’t harm 😐 I don’t even feel like finishing it up because the bottle looks so good! 🙂

  2. 78% Mineral oil in it made me let go this hair oil…I use natural olive oil only these days nd assume nothing beats it in any ways..!

  3. Thanks for the warning! I was just about to get this product, I’m sticking to my pro naturals argan oil instead, at least I know it works amazing.

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