Dove Go Fresh Energise Beauty Cream Bar Review


My mom is a huge fan of Dove soaps and off late a bit of that has rubbed off on me as well. Dove products are meant to be mild and make a visible difference to your skin. They do deliver most of their claims and it’s no surprise that they’re one of Unilever’s best-selling brands. There’s something about the simplicity of the Dove logo and packaging that’s so appealing, don’t you think? :cute:

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Dove Go Fresh Energise Beauty Cream Bar Review+dove soap

 About Dove Go Fresh Energise Beauty Cream Bar

Dove Go Fresh Energise Beauty Cream Bar combines ¼ moisturising cream with fine exfoliating beads to invigorate your skin. This combined with an exhilarating fragrance of grapefruit and lemongrass may help to energise your day.

  • Quantity: 100 gms
  • Price: INR 75
  • Ingredients:
Dove Go Fresh Energise Beauty Cream Bar Review+soap ingredients

  •  Packaging:

It comes in an outer carton with the complete list of ingredients. However, the product claims are not mentioned except for the fact that this contains ¼ moisturizing cream (which we already know since it’s Dove 😛 ).

  • Description:

The soap is pale yellow in color and once you start using it, you’ll notice reddish dots all over the surface of the bar. These dots are teeny tiny exfoliating granules and they are so mild that you’ll forget they even exist.

  • Fragrance:

It has a really unique fragrance that’s quite hard to describe. It’s not fruity or citrusy and it’s not particularly floral either. It’s more of a natural, woody aroma that is clean and crisp. It is quite discernible while in the shower, but it does not linger on the skin and is great for those who don’t like strong fragrances on their skin.

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Dove Go Fresh Energise Beauty Cream Bar Review+soap for combination skin

My Experience with Dove Go Fresh Energise Beauty Cream Bar:

Like I mentioned earlier, there are no product claims on the box and I had to procure that from the Unilever website. At first, I was surprised to read about the exfoliating beads since I had not noticed them. But once I began using the soap, the beads surfaced and were more visible. If I hadn’t seen the beads, I wouldn’t even know they were there since they are not felt on the skin at all.

The bar is really creamy and glides onto skin. It does lather but lesser than a conventional soap. So, instead of a bubbly, soapy lather, you get creamy lather that is good enough to make you feel clean. It rinses off easily and does not leave behind any residue or oily film.

I had tried a Go Fresh bar from Dove earlier and bought this mistaking it to be the same. The one I’d used was an orange-colored soap and was pretty rock solid and did not melt away like most Dove bars. Sadly, this bar being super-creamy, melts pretty fast and thus creates quite a mess in my soap dish. Even after placing it on a wire soap rack and then placing that inside the soap dish, there’s yellow goop all over. But this is the only drawback of this soap.

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Dove Go Fresh Energise Beauty Cream Bar Review+best bathing soap

It definitely moisturizes better than a regular soap and if you have normal to oily skin, you can even consider skipping your regular body moisturizer after this. If you have very dry skin, then of course, no soap can hydrate enough to skip your moisturizer and you’ll surely need to follow up with a cream/lotion.

This soap is really mild and does not contain any Parabens or Sulphates. In fact, I’m even using this on my 2 year old baby who has mild Eczema. I found it safe to use since even baby soap makes my son’s skin scaly and itchy and this soap did not irritate his skin. It never gave me breakouts either.

In case you’re wondering, No that’s not my skin! 😛 That’s a close-up of the exfoliating beads on the soap 😀

Dove Go Fresh Energise Beauty Cream Bar Review+soap reviews

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What I like about Dove Go Fresh Energise Beauty Cream Bar:

  • Fresh, woody, clean fragrance
  • Scent does not linger on the skin
  • Creamy lather
  • Rinses off well without any residue
  • Hydrates much better than regular soap
  • Exfoliating granules are super mild and are in no way discernible
  • Did not break me out
  • Mild enough to use on sensitive skin and babies
  • Complete list of ingredients is given on the carton
  • No Sulphates or Parabens

What I don’t like about Dove Go Fresh Energise Beauty Cream Bar:

  • Melts very fast and creates a mess in the soap dish
  • Pricey (considering that it doesn’t last very long)
  • Availability
Final thoughts on Dove Go Fresh Energise Beauty Cream Bar:

I love everything about this soap except for the fact that it melts super fast. Although I have mentioned that it can be used on babies, please consult your Paediatrician just in case. Most docs recommend Dove for babies especially those with Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis. But that is the regular white Dove bar and not this variety. So, please exercise caution while doing so. Overall, I totally recommend this soap for all skin types :yes:

Rating: 4.8/5

Have you tried Dove Go Fresh Energise Beauty Cream Bar?

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  1. Nafisa..before reading the review i got scared seeing the red dots..but i like the concept of dove having mild exfoliation too 🙂

  2. Good Morning Dove lovers!! i :heart: dove soaps too especially on those days wen my skin is clear and applying dove feels my skin smooth and soft! Nice review.. Nafi! I l get this next time to try 4 sure.. n haa i got the Jergens Mild soap n m absolutely in :heart: with it. i have finished 1 soap n i love how smooth clear glow my face becomes after using it.. m getting 2 more.. incase it gets over too soon!Thank u :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :-* :yippee: :rose:

  3. Nafisa if your child has mild eczema please use b tex on th eczema….ive seen huge patches dissapear with it. its ayurvedic and does its job……

    I was thinkin of buying dove for my husband cause only he uses soap. With face wash he says silky silky lagta hai lol .. so I don’t think he would even use this…Park Avenue for men makes him happy.

    does this say what grade soap it is? Ive never been able to figure the TFM %

  4. Dove soaps r sooo soft!! Melt like crazy….m usually allergic t them..god kows y but I like the look of tis..any soap with exfoliating properties really interests me.. 😉

  5. My sis swears by this one !! she has sensi normal skin !!! but only issue is this melts like crazy !!! but nice one nafi !! I like the piccies a lot !!! 😀

  6. oh i havent tried this one.. the imported Doves melt faster than desi ones… keep dove soap on a window ledge always… it wont melt…

    • Thanks sravanthi. I generally do that but this bar somehow melted the fastest of the ones i’ve used 🙁 The white one lasts longer i guess 🙂


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