Dove Nutritive Solutions Pro Age Shampoo Review



Dove Nutritive Solutions Pro Age Shampoo

Hi beauties,

With the new year, I have made some secret promises to myself 😉 I do not want to leak them in order to fall below my expectations.

Anyhow, for my hair, my ultimate blends was causing me lot of breakage, maybe I needed something nourishing, my hair is thinning and is dry, thus causing breakage, thus I did some Dove haul and got the earlier reviewed Dove self warming intensive mask and Dove pro age shampoo.


Dove Nutritive Solutions Pro Age Shampoo


Sometimes our hair can age faster than our skin etc, especially if you have long hair. I have included more protein in my diet, like almonds, flax and pulses.

About Dove Nutritive Solutions Pro Age Shampoo:

Pro-Age shampoo is part of Dove’s Nutritive Solutions range, specially formulated to nourish dry hair. It contains Micro Moisture Serum to help repair the surface of thin, weak hair from root to tip restoring its strength an volume without weighing it down.
2x stronger hair.


Dove Pro Age Shampoo


Price: £2.50 for 250 ml. (picked up from Boots)

You can buy Dove Nutritive Solutions range of shampoo from here

My take on Dove Nutritive Solutions Pro Age Shampoo:

Believe it or not, I stay close enough to a Boots, so I can hop over and pick up my favorite product when I need, I know from my husbands face when I enter here 😉 He usually wanders off far till I look through and get out with my stuff. Recently I found out his strong love for Nivea men range and picking up stuff for himself. I guess lot of beauty bloggers may be passing on our habits to our partners or families 😉


Dove Pro Age Shampoo ingredients


Anyway, coming back to the review, I have long thinning hair at the ends, maybe it is time I get some trimming, but I am just taking good care in terms of diet and the right beauty products. I fetched myself this pro age shampoo, it is not that I am someone really old, but still may be hair is aging rather quickly 🙁


Dove Pro Age Shampoo swatch


The shampoo does not lather much, thus I end up using a lot of it, in order to make sure it is cleansing my hair. One time, I only used a bit of diluted shampoo and my hair remained half clean only. Thus I try and use a bit more of the product, and letting it work. My hair definitely feels better and healthier. There is less breakage, because I gave a Dove self warming intensive mask shot 😉 but it has got better.


Dove Pro Age Shampoo usage


The fragrance of the shampoo is mild and it is soothing cream like texture is definitely helping me with managing my hair. I would definitely buy more of it, since they do not have a bigger size in this range than 250 ml.

What I like about Dove Nutritive Solutions Pro Age Shampoo:

  • It helps keep hair moisturized,
  • Causes hair less breakage, more manageable,
  • Very reasonably priced,
  • Fragrance is mild,
  • Suitable for young people who are facing dry and thinning hair problems.

What I dislike about Dove Nutritive Solutions Pro Age Shampoo:

  • Comes only in a 250 ml bottle 🙁

Rating: 4.75/5

Have you tried Dove Nutritive Solutions Pro Age Shampoo?

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