Dove Shampoo- Dove Intense damage therapy shampoo and conditioner review


Dove shampoo review – Though Dove is now entering into the market with it is new range so I thought of reviewing the previous one.I have oily hair and I wash my hair 3-4 times a week .I do apply oil in my hair most of the time so cleaning so much oil from my hair is quiet an task for any shampoo .Before this I used Pantene pro-vitamin which was not able to remove the oil at all.I don’t know why God blessed me with drums of oil.It is on my skin ,hair , body and in food too. and on top of that I keep experimenting with oils.May be I was working in a oil company in my last  birth I guess 😀
Any way this is what Dove claims :-Dove Intense Damage Therapy Shampoo. It hydrates and strengthens your locks by penetrating in to the breaks and splits.

Price of Dove intense therapy shampoo is Rs 117 for 200ml 

Product is available in different sizes according to requirement. 

100ml of Dove shampoo cost Rs 64

400 ml of dove shampoo cost Rs 199

Price of Dove intense therapy conditioner is Rs 69 for 90 ml

180 ml dove shampoo cost Rs 125
I got conditioner free with the shampoo There are various offers which keeps running with the Dove shampoo and conditioner so if you like this product then you can check out in different store for various offer.

My experience with the product:-
The product cleanse thoroughly my oily hair no matter how much more oil I pour into my scalp.It  keeps them soft and gives some shine .As far as intense damage therapy is concerned it does soften the split ends and I don’t see any hair fall happening while using both the products simultaneously.
Shampoo is thinner than the conditioner and when you pour it into your hands you have to be little careful as it slides of easily.
What I like about the product:-
1. Thorough cleaning which the product gives.If you are fond of applying hair packs and heena than this one will help you out in cleaning your scalp.When It gave my hair good cleaning I checked out its ingredient it has Sodium Laureth sulphate but in usual quantity which all shampoo contains and it has almost become un avoidable.
2. Price of the product .
3. Keeps my hair soft and condition them nicely.
5. Smell of the product is not irritating infact it has a nice mild smell.
What I didn’t like about the product:-
 1. Though it cleanse my hair throughly but I get the oil back in 7-8 hours.I stopped applying my loreal serum because of this product because it made them more oilier.
2.It doesn’t control and dandruff or split ends .It just softens the split ends and dandruff remains the same.
3. Conditioner is quiet thick and therefore you need lot of the product to condition your hair.That is why my shampoo is still there and condition is finished.
My verdict – This shampoo is more suitable for those who have dry hair and needs extra moisturizer. in their hair.Oily hair people will not like it.It brings back the oil with in one day.
Will I repurchase again – No, I am not going to re – purchase it again.Dove is coming out with it is new range will try that.

Have you tried Dove shampoo and conditioner?
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  1. Hey I've tried the shampoo and I find it pretty good. Love the conditioner…You're right, it suits normal to dry haired people and not oily ones. I'm also eager to try the new range.
    Great review!
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  2. @ anamika

    In one of post you have said that never use one shampoo for a long time as they become immune, but then changing shampoos often might also not be good. What do you suggest? How long can u continue to use a shampoo? coz i use Matrix hydrating one, but then once i tried using Loreal total repair, i had extreme hair fall…..So how do you go for choosing??
    FORGIVE ME for Xtra long query 😛 😛

  3. Seema this is true that when you change your shampoo you suffer from hair fall but it wil happen 1 or 2 times then our hair get accustomed to the change…..if you use one shampoo for long then also we start suffering from hair fall ..if you have noticed…

    i have no scientific reason behind is just with my experience.

  4. dunno girl..not a single product worked for me. The face wash made my skin so dry and even flaky. Shampoo gave me so much of hairfall. And shower creams..i dont even want to talk about it 🙁

  5. Hi Priya..before the shampoo please get rid of your dandruff..for that rub some onion juice in yiour hair ..u will see the difference in 2-3 times of application…

    afterwards you can buy any mild shampoo of fab India

  6. for oily haired people i recommend the dove’s white shampoo n conditioner duo.use them daily or alternate days.really awesome.

    • white shampoo and conditioner?? i havent heard of this shampoo at all ..u mean the dove shampoo which comes in white packaging ..??


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