Dr Khurana’s Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream Review


 Dr Khurana’s Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream

We Indians have this major lip pigmentation problem.I rarely find any girl having those beautiful rose petal lips.I too have a darker upper lip compared to the lower one and it sometime frustrates me. So any lip pigmentation remedy, cream or whatever comes across my way I just buy them expecting a miracle out of them 😉 😀

So chanced upon Dr Khurana’s lip lite lip pigmentation cream which is India’s first lip lightening cream and here goes my experience

Lip Lite lip lightening cream

What Dr Khurana’s Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream Claims:-

India?s 1st lip lightening cream for dark lips (effective especially for those who smoke a lot). It is a unique fusion of ingredients developed exclusively for lips which gives you the following: A perfect solution for lightning lips. Amazingly effective for dark lips due to any reasons. A perfect sunscreen for lips. A balanced lip moisturizer and thus can be used in any season. Gives instantly softer lips. (compared to any other regular lip balm). Non Sticky Cream. Thus can be used beneath lipstick/gloss. This Product is a perfect solution to all your lips related needs like lip lightening (fairness), soft and smooth lips, non sticky lips and that too in any season. Method of use : Apply atleast twice daily. Take a very little amount of the cream and apply over the lips. The tapered orifice assures self application with even distribution over the lips. For better results, one application is advised at bedtime

  • Price – INR 179.You can buy from flipkart here
  • Packaging – This lip lightening cream comes in a small black tube.I wish it was of pink or of a better colour rather than black 😛 .Somehow I would have better associated myself with the product.

Lip lightening cream India

My experience Dr Khurana’s Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream:-

Cream is quite moistursing and when applied on lips it feels as if I am using some ghee on my lips. It’s a little sticky and tastes bad. I wish they added some fruity fragrance and taste to it. It would have made me like it more.I still continued to use it expecting some change in my lip color and you will be happy to know that I do see little change.It has lighten up corner lip pigmentation a bit but I am pretty sure that those who have really bad pigmentation they will not see much effect .Atleast in one tube use they wont.They might see in 2-3 usage but that also I am not sure.It totally depends upon the kind of lip pigmentation one has.

Also, Initially when I applied it I felt little itchy so if you have sensitive lips then just be little careful.

Lip ligtening treatment

Summing it up

What I like about  Dr Khurana’s Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream:-

  • Its cheap
  • Moisturising
  • Helps in removing lip corner pigmentation

lip lite review

What I do not like about Dr Khurana’s Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream:-

  • Sticky
  • Tastes little bad
  • Wont work on heavy pigmented lips.
  • One tube will last 20-25 days if used twice a day.
  • Gives an itchy feeling when used
  • Needs reapplication

Will I recommend it to others – You can give it a try.It might work for you but I can not guarantee that.

Wise She Rating – 2.5/5

Have you tried Dr Khurana’s Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream ?

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  1. I sud gv this a try. I have light pigmentation so I hope it may work 🙂 want to have those soft rosy lips 🙂 🙂

  2. whenever I see such a product I am always curious to try it lol, hate sticky products will skip this one and instead try the DIY one, thanks for posting it :))

  3. @Haritha – might work for u so do give it a try if interested after all u don get lip pigmentation removing creams everyday in India

    @Neetu – 🙂 thanks

    @Vandana – i think it will

    @Pragnya and laks- do give it a try it might work 🙂 i t hardly cost anything anyway.

    • Please suggest me how i purchase lip lite cream because i’ll try for last 30 days in amazone and filpcart …. Result is OUT OF STOCK..
      so please tell me which cream i purchase for dark lip

  4. only yesterday i saw this product online and was wondering whether it works or not.. and here today i got this review.. thanks a lot dear 🙂

  5. Thank goodness I don’t have any lip pigmentation as of now..yet I would have liked to use it had it been “tasty” … 😛

  6. Good find Anamika 🙂 Infact, this has prompted me to search for a lip lightening cream here.. My lips got tanned in d recent vacation.. I need to get the natural color back 😉

  7. Hey, i herd laetite lip balm is really good, but not sure enough, can u pls share some genuine reviews about it. Will b a great help. Byee

  8. I have been using this product for almost 3 months now.. i had heavy pigmentation on my upper lip.. which has almost gone.. i would strongly recommend it to others.. About the taste and stickiness of the cream, it is far less sticky as compared to any other petroleum based lip balm. It absorbs quickly and thus doesnot look like i have applied anything. I usually apply a gloss or a regular lipstick over it, once it is absorbed and thus i believe it keeps on working beneath and not to allow lipsticks to do any harm or pigmentation to my lips:-) The taste is little disappionting though but i believe it is a doctor range of product thus cannot expect all rosy and perfume based things.. Moreover, i am more concerned about the results than the look of the product or the taste especially when it is so cheap and available here in india as compared to other lip lightening products from international brands(they are bitter too) which would cost somewhere Rs.4000 to 5000 per lip balm.. So i would always prefect this product over any other lip bam.. And i am super happy with the results.. I would personally give 5/5 for this product..

  9. Liplite is an amazing product… Must try…. I had tried many branded products but now this time i got this product… I can bet that not a single product work like it… It’s amazing… within 2 days you will see its result…

    • Really…. Is it really not having any reactions on lips….. They r vry imp u know. Olzz tell tht shoud i buy it or not

  10. Hi,

    Can you please suggest any lip lightening cream or balm for dark lips. I rand i searched about the above one a lot and i dont think it would worth a try i have got so much better options but then they are not available in India. Please if you can suggest some lip lightening cream or something.

    • Hi, try lipsense. It’s effective in lightening the dark lips. A natural look will b created on your lips that make your lips beautiful. It’s my favourite lip cream.

  11. Please update the link to buy this product because it is not in any of the websites you provided… including amazon not selling it

  12. Pls suggest me if liplite works good or not. I had used some expired product and got my lips turn dark.now wanna remove that tan as always cant put lipstics.atleast normal colour which i had before i want back.pls help me

  13. I’m Bangladeshi.may I know that is it available in lbangladesh?because I’m a smoker and for this reason my lips too much dark.so I want to buy lip lite cream urgent.please help me hurry.

  14. Guys there’s a good news for you’ll
    You get this product called lipsense trust me guys it’s a worth product you will really love it..just give a try…it really works ..❤️


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