Dr. Morepen-Gubb Eyelash Curler- First Impression


Hi ladies!


An eyelash curler is a staple one when it comes to my daily makeup routine. This is the one makeup tool , I can’t do without. I have been using the Vega eyelash curler since three years and now, I got my hands onto Dr. Morepen-Gubb Eyelash Curler and here goes it’s first impression.

Product Info

Our curler grips lashes without pinching pulling or tugging. It lifts caresses and bends eyelashes from the inner to the outer corner. A beauty essential not be blinked at.

This eyelash curler grips lashes without pinching, pulling or tugging. It lifts caresses and blends eye lashes from the inner to the outer corner.

Super soft pads for gentle , but amazingly effective curling to open up your eyes in seconds. include one spare gripper.

Price- INR 199.



It comes in a sturdy plastic outer packaging with a spare rubber grip which I really like. the packaging is extremely haul-able and I got this curler along with my Envy box December 2016 edition. I was really excited to try this out as I got bored with my regular one.Although, I quite addicted to my Vega one as it cheap and I am quite using it for past three years and I carry it in my bag wherever I go. The whole info about the packaging is mentioned at the back side of the plastic packaging. I really like the simple yet travel friendly packaging a lot.


My Take on  Dr. Morepen-Gubb Eyelash Curler- First Impression

First of all let’s talk about its construction, it’s made of with good quality steal and has a very good grip. I really like the opening and closing part because there is no tugging or pulling as it very smooth and I really like the handle of this eyelash curler. I really find those scissor kind of handle hard to work with. I find this simple and sturdy constriction of this eye lash curler.

The soft rubber pads are really soft onto eyes. The best thing it is sensitive eye safe and claims to be gentle on lashes. This is very aesthetically designed and comes at such an affordable price tag as compared to others. It comes with a spare rubber pad which is a plus!


I am an eye lash curler freak and I do take care of my lashes on daily basis. Some of you may afraid of using eyelash curler on daily basis but if you use it with care, there is nothing wrong with that! In whole, I just couldn’t imagine my day without this tool because it gives amazing look to my hooded eyes and my face appears more fresh and awaken after every use.
I am really excited to try this out in my upcoming daily preening routine.Stay tuned for detail review guys.



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