Dr. Rescue Quick Dry Drops Review


Dr. Rescue Quick Dry Drops Review

Hi lovely ladies,

I always end up discovering new products at Boots; my husband jokingly says that you give most of the revenue to the drug stores in the city. But I am sure all girls get that statement! Anyway the product I am reviewing is really a discovery and I often wonder why they did not invent something like this any earlier!

Let’s have a look and I am sure you will want this!

dr rescue quick dry drops review india

About Dr. Rescue Quick Dry Drops

Why choose it:

If you want a solution for rapid drying of nail polish, Quick Dry Drop is the answer!

For best results:

After applying nail polish used, apply a drop of Quick Dry Drop and your nails will dry instantly.

Price: £ 4.99

dr rescue quick dry drops india

We always like polishing nails, but face it, we have to multi task whether it is using the phone, cooking in the kitchen, opening the door, taking a shower, going to pee! And the list is endless, and you just want your freshly applied nail paint to set as soon as possible. I know we have the option of buying one second dry nail paints, but what if you have another one which takes ages to dry off! Welcome to our very own problematic world. Sorry I know there are bigger problems in the world, like wars, migrants and warming!

dr rescue quick dry drops

Anyhow, back to the nail issues, I discovered this product and gave it a try instantly, it was like magic. I had this instant urge to buy it and so I did. It seems that the product is not yet launched; these are still stocked by Boots here in the UK.

dr rescue quick dry drops on nails

My Experience with Dr. Rescue Quick Dry Drops

The drop bottle is really simple to use, just one drop on your freshly painted nail and ta-dah it will dry up quick! And you are then off to work or do whatever you want to. I think it is really useful product in today’s world, where we have less patience and always on the run. Why not, use something which will really help us to ease off. You can look beautiful and yet have some time to spare for your studies, house chores, etc. and what if you suddenly have to go for a party, it is such a savior.

dr rescue quick dry drops review (2)

The product drops little by little and really does not dry my cuticles; it is more like a non greasy oil which helps to seal the paint in a second. The design of the drop bottle is very easy to use and does not require any fuss. The nail drop literally spreads all around the nail is just perfect. It won’t require much product on the toes; just a drop is fine.

The tube has very little product. That may not last much, and thus makes it a bit pricey. Also I have not been able to hunt down the ingredient list, which I would really want to know. I do know that it has mineral oil, I can just feel it! There is no nasty fragrance to it.

dr rescue quick dry drops swatch

Also I checked online on Boots, other brands also have this kind of product and the prices are slightly higher than this one and they come in dropper glass bottles! Oh and I have butter fingers.

dr rescue quick dry drops review for nails

What I like about Dr. Rescue Quick Dry Drops

  • Easy to use,
  • Dries of paint in literally one second,
  • Nice mild fragrance,
  • Does not dry the cuticles,
  • Cheaper than other counter parts,
  • Packaging makes it handy to use,
  • You save so much time post nail paint application!

What I don’t like about Dr. Rescue Quick Dry Drops

  • Price and quantity is a mismatch, but nonetheless it is a great product.

Rating: 5/5

Have you tried Dr. Rescue Quick Dry Drops?

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