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Make way as the queen is coming to slay! Yes, you guessed it right, I am talking about the one and only Miss Fame. And if you are one among those who have no idea who Miss Fame is, here’s a quick biography of this makeup queen. Miss Fame is a 32-year-old guy who got his dose of fame from Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen aka Miss Fame has become a worldwide name in makeup world and we admire him for his skills. And when he reveals his makeup hacks, we ogle at them. Listing 10 Makeup hacks by the world famous Miss Fame. Dig in!

10 Makeup Hacks by Miss Fame:

Choosing Foundation Shades:

Miss Fame always has a solution for everything. If you find a foundation too light, use it as a highlighter, if you find it too dark, use it as a contour. And for the base product, use a colour that is an exact match to your skin tone.

Create Precise lines

If you suck at creating a perfect straight line with your eyeshadow or even a cat-eye makeup look, Miss Fame has his famous technique for you. Always remember no matter what makeup wipes will be your best friends in times of needs and you can simple wipe of the excess and reveal that perfect straight eye makeup line.

Use Two Colours of Foundation

Miss Fame suggests dabbing two shades of foundations for getting that natural finish look on the face. He suggests applying a shade exactly matching the skin tone on the perimeter of the face and a slightly lighter foundation at the centre of the face. This will give a more chiselled look to the face with a very brightening effect.

Use Concealer To Highlight

Have some features to highlight? Apply a concealer that is two to three shades lighter than your skin tone and place it under your eyes in an inverted triangle shape, down the centre of your nose, on the indents of your nostrils, on your chin, and a dab in the centre of the forehead. This will highlight those areas and will make it look dazzling.

Avoid Harsh Lines While Contouring

If you are not a fan of Kim Kardashian kind of contour, Miss Fame has a trick for you. He says.” Hold the head of a dense, angled brush while applying a deeper foundation or bronzer to your skin to avoid harsh lines.” And yes, I have applied the trick and it works wonders.

Create the illusion of chiselled nose

For chiselling up the nose, there is a very easy hack by the makeup queen. Use a foundation that is two to three tones darker than and contour the high bridge of your nose by using a paint brush or a thin lip brush and then add a dash at the tip of the nose on both sides at upward angles. This will make the nose appear slimmer.

Prevent under eye creasing

Undereye concealer creasing is one of the major problems which we face especially we have oily skin. Also, for dry skin, there is a tendency for the concealer to settle in the fine lines. And for setting the concealer, set the formula with tinted powder that matches the skin tone using a fluffy brush to create a super-even, dark circle-free effect.

Elongate the eye shape

If you want to make your eyes appear longer and bigger, then elongate the upper lash liner beyond the inner duct of the eyes. This will increase the feminity of the eyes and also adds more drama. I love this trick so much!

Plump your lips

Thin lips? Not to worry anymore! To create a slightly larger lip shape, draw two triangles over the peaks of the upper lip, and then round them out perfectly with a flat-tip brush to reveal the new lip shape. This will give you perfectly plump lips and you can wear any lip shade you want.

Placing the eyelash

If you thought eyelash application requires no technique, then ask Miss Fame. Place the eyelash at the centre of the eyes and then leave freely the ends. This will make the lashes look longer and real. Also, this will create an elevated and longer eye line.

The finished makeup look:


That’s all folks!

You can watch the videos here:



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