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Hii Beauties !!

Today’s look is a bit dramatic (this might not be for everyone, I apologize because I find these kind of looks more satisfying for my creativeness). The look is more focused on use of a lime yellow and hint of green on the lower lash line and with all this, it is a smokey look ! Also the eyeliner is quite vivid. Following is the look I worked on. (my model: Richa) 😛

Dramatic eye makeup in yellow and green

If you’re not comfortable with any parts of it, you can get inspired with this and do your own version 🙂 use your own colors and tone it down to whatever suits you, so that the look is more wearable.

So lets start the tutorial 🙂

Step1 :- Apply a lime yellow eyeshadow:-

First of all, prepare your eyes using a compact powder/primer potion just to avoid creasing of the eyeshadow later, also while working with such colors; we need to know the color pigmentation. Then apply a lime colored yellow just in the middle of the eyelid, infact play with any of the yellow you have, be it a sunshine yellow, electric yellow, butter yellow lol whichever you have with you, I used a lime-yellow here. Note, I just placed the yellow in the center of eye, did nothing else with it. If you’re yellow is not that pigmented, then before applying it, apply a white eyeshadow all over the lid ( you can even use NYX jumbo pencil in milk) because this will bring out the yellow more better 😉 then whatever is left on brush, run with it on lower lash line, like this :-

Dramatic eye makeup with step by step pictures

Step2:– Apply a charcoal/grey/brown eyeshadow:-

Using a crease brush, run over the crease area with eyeshadow ( grey/black/brown) whichever you have. This has to be done with less amount of product and a very light hand, and blend it firmly over your socket area.

Eye makeup tutorial +dramatic eye makeup

Step3:- Apply Eyeliner + Mascara :-

Before applying eyeliner, I gave a slight hint of green on the outer corner of lower lash line. Here I’ve used Maybelline gel eyeliner in black, and have used it to create a dramatic wing. This is totally upto you, and you can skip if you want. Apply mascara to finish the whole look. How I applied the eyeshadow is clear with the picture shown here and you can see how I did it :-

Dramatic eyeliner with winged eyeliner

With this, the look is finished ! 🙂

Simple Dramatic eye makeup + How to Apply Dramatic Eye Makeup


Trust me “Wiseshe” is the best thing that happened to me, I’m enjoying every bit of it 🙂 😛 and all you beauties are making this possible ! And a special Thanks to Ana too !! <3

Do try this , I know its not wearable, but if you can carry it, then it will surely be a head turner 😉 Thanks for reading the tutorial !

Godbless !

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  1. i think this look is particularly for blue eyes girl..green and yellow popping out the colour so much na ?? :smoke: :smoke:

    • yes it looks sooo dangerous and sensuous types lol :-* and yes blue eyes is making every color pop up :clap-n-jump:

  2. I love the look…. infact love all your looks :yes: :yes: …… this one is smoking hot:)
    I am really getting tempted to get some lenses

  3. nd i am checking urbantouch daily, they have introduced so many brands now :O nyx k hi boht products add ho gye hain..

  4. Lovely drama in the eyes :), great work Upsana

    Hey, it would be great if you could give a review of the lenses you use, and how to pick up shades….. I am tempte to pick up one… but confused 🙁

    What say Anamika ?

  5. wow …this is so beautiful …so many posts coming up ..it’s becoming difficult for me to catch up all 🙂

    Tere mast mast do naian
    Mere Dil ka le gaye chain

    • I use B&L only but i don know because of dryness or something i suffer from frequent head aches..my head aches have become a pain and i am not able to trace the reason..tell me what to do 🙁 All i do is pop up a medicine to get rid of it but thats not the solution.

  6. This is really nice :D.. You are very good at this U 😀

    Although I won’t be trying this out anytime soon, not really my style. I prefer simpler eye makeup 😉

  7. Upsi darling…one more hit frm your eye-lookscamp !! :yes: :dazed: :dazed: :inlove: :inlove:

    Agree not wearable but itseems fun doing it all..wll try doing this just for the pleasure of doing something creative :yes:

  8. mmm green an hazel may be blue also ..not sure actually i want upasana to review some :Pi want aishwarya colour eyes wala too so that i can try her makeup looks too :D:D

  9. This dramatic look is really nice..I have seen this look on Aishwarya and other hollywood actresses …very nice, it’s really really good. :yes: :yes:


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