Drastic Hair Cuts Of Hollywood Celebrities Which Shocked Everyone


Drastic Hair Cuts Of Hollywood Celebrities Which Shocked Everyone

Celebrities are known to be followed and we being their ardent fans; follow their latest trends in almost everything. Be it their clothes, fashion statements or hair. We are always concerned about our hair cut matching some celebrity or the other as we see them, adore them and idealize them in our life.

But sometimes, their haircuts come as a shocker to us as they are entirely different from the world, and we are not mentally prepared to expect them come up with this unusual hair styles which we could never ever imagine. Specially

the Hollywood celebrities who are known for experimentation, we sure should not be blamed for expecting some entirely unusual style of hair at least. In fact some times, most of the disasters come from people you would least expect to do something like this.

I am putting forward some such disastrous hairstyles by celebrities that came as a shock to their fans.

Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus almost ruined her career when the fans disapproved her hair cut wherein she cut her hair short and shaved off a side of her hair. She looked bizarre and weird while she slammed back at the fans through a tweet later on saying that if nothing good can be said about her hair, nothing at all should be said. But the fact remains, that her hair looked awful.

Another one from Miley which makes her look as if she has grown weeds in her hair. The hair look so weird on her sweet face.

Dawn Richard


Yes! look at her hairstyle. I really hope she had some more hair on her scalp to look a little less horrible than she is looking with her fish tail hairstyle with near-bald scalp.

Kelly Osbourne

Her hair look as if those are unreal and the head band is actually making her look as if she is wearing a wig. What a disaster of a haircut!

Helena Bonham Carter


Okay this is some hilarious hairstyle as if she is just out of some horror movie! A total disaster which made Helena appear as comic and dangerous both at the same time.



This one was a true disaster leaving fans to shock really. Half side bald look which is not only making her look horrendous, the hair itself are looking as if they refuse to own Cassie.

Danica Patrick


Okay now this one is crazy! This hairstyle surely needs mending. I mean Danica Patrick with such a pretty face has done such a disaster to her hair once. This I am sure must be a hairstyle some of us wake up with.

Erykah Badu


I am sure this hairstyle could go for the top award for messy hairstyles of the world. This is very much out of this world hairdo and there is nothing that could go worse than this!

Christina Aguilera


Okay this one again is a debacle! Christina Aguilera looks awesome in her natural blonde hair. This hairstyle with dreadlocks actually shocked her fans all over the world as it is looking horrendous on her and there is no way one could expect her to look this way ever!

I hope you agree that these were seriously hair mishaps and these celebrities from refrain from such shocks to their fans who love to follow them and idealize them for their style statements.

Did you too have had a real bad haircut ever?

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