Drastic Weight Loss Tips By Bhumi Pednekar #LoseItLikeBhumi


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If you are overweight or obese and find solace seeing the Dum Laga Ke Haisha actress and guessing her weight, then your good old days are gone now. The chubby actress isn’t chubby anymore and has reduced her weight by 25 kgs. At the time of the film, she used to be 91 kgs with those chubby cheeks and a cute smile but now she is no less than a diva. If you are wondering how she lost such a huge amount of weight, then you don’t have to think anymore. She herself has revealed her weight loss secrets which are totally healthy and anyone can try it. So if you are interested to know her weight loss secrets, keep on scrolling. 🙂

Bhumi Pednekar and her Weight Loss Secrets:

Detox water

Very few actresses share their fitness regime with the world and Bhumi is surely one among them. She revealed to the world her Detox water recipe which helped her to lose pounds. She gave all credits to drinking loads of water every day to stimulate her organs and make her metabolism faster.

Heavy Breakfast

You should eat your breakfast like a King and Bhumi does it too! Eating a heavy breakfast makes your whole body active and there is nothing like this for your overall fitness.

Simple Indian Lunch

Lunch is perhaps the second most important meal of your day and adds a lot to your overall health. Bhumi eats really simple like normal people and opts for Dal, Sabji and Multigrain Rotis. But her rotis are not made of wheat but of millet, pearl millet, Soya and other grains mixed together topped with a little white butter.

Avoid Sugar

Sugar is your biggest enemy both for your skin and for your weight loss regime. Bhumi eliminated sugar completely from her diet and went for natural sweeteners like Honey and Jaggery instead. These not only add a punch of sweetness to your food but also the minerals present helps to keep your body healthy.


You don’t need to hit the gym to be fit. Incorporating some basic things in your routine like taking the stairs instead of the lift and getting you a glass of water every time you feel thirsty goes a long way. Walking a short distance every day also makes a huge difference – these small and unworthy things can surely be worthy for your whole health regime.

Go Green

Avoiding carbs at night is the best way to lose weight and Bhumi proved it with her diet. Also, eating food by 8.30 in the evening is ever essential as this helps to digest the food better. She ate grilled fish on most of the days and opting for Tofu on the days she was vegetarian. She opted for a cup of Brown Rice and one thin multigrain chapati with it to make her meal filling.

That’ s all folks! Isn’t the tips easy and simple?

You can watch the whole video here:



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