Dry ginger root home remedies

Dry Ginger root (sonth) is used in most of ayurvedic medicines. As the name suggest dry ginger root is made by drying fresh ginger.It is known as sonthi in telgu and Zingiber officnale in Latin.

For thousands of years ginger has been used in Indian kitchen .Having ginger tea in winter is common in most of the households. All old ladies of household use to advice their daughter in law to give flat salted ginger ale when ever their babies had flu or stomach pain.

Few benefits of dry ginger roots are as follows:-

1. Indigestion and Aav-when food doesn’t get digested well in the body ginger root has been quite successful. Take a glass of milk and add 1/2tsp powdered sonth or dry ginger root and let it boil till it gets thick. Drink it every night before going to the bed. You will see the result with in a week.

2. Arthritis-Take equal quantity of sonth and giloy(It’s called heartleaf moonseed in English, and its scientific name is tinospora cordifolia) and powder both of them. Take 1tbsp of this powder and add it in 2 cups of water. Boil the water till it becomes half, cool the mixture and filter it with a sieve and drink it after an hour of your meal.Continue the remedy till you get relief from your pain.

3.Hiccups-Take dry ginger root and harad(Chebulic myroblan)and make a paste of both of them with little water. Add this paste in 1 cup of water and drink the mixture.

4.Back pain-Take dry ginger root and small harad(Chebulic myroblan) and hammer them into small pieces. Rinse both of them on a sil batta(Two pieces of stone, one is a flat platform or sil, and the other — batta — which is much smaller, is a akin to a rolling pin without the handles. The sil-batta is used to grind fresh masala and other pastes.)and make a paste out of it. Add 2 tsp of castor oil into the mixture and drink it before you sleep for 3-4 days. You can make a paste in a mixer if you don’t have sil batta at home. This remedy helps in getting relief from stomach ,back and hip ache.

5. Headache and (aadha sisi ka dard)-When half portion of head only aches it is called aadha sisi ka dard. Make dry ginger root paste and apply it on your head. Continue the remedy till you get relief from pain.

6. Motion sickness– Make ginger tea before you go on any trip. This avoids motion sickness. Ginger tea is also said to reduce excessive perspiration.

7. Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure-Dry ginger roots helps in reducing cholesterol and High blood pressure as well. Its capsules are available in the market .

8. Stress relief-Ginger roots is a great when in stresses. When you have a presentation to make or have a cold glass of ginger ale after you return back from office and feel rejuvenated immediately.



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