Dry hair care

When your hair gives you a coarse feeling, separate ends and frizzness and it becomes hard to comb or brush then it means you are suffering from dry hair problem.Regular use of coloring, perming and styling and high exposure to sun and chemicals leads to dry hair.Some people also have natural dry hair too.
When our scalp produce low amount of oil to moisturize our hair naturally it leads to dry hair.Dry hair becomes fragile because of water loss .
Below are some tips to manage dry hair.
1.Clean your hair two times a week with a shampoo which is specifically meant for dry hair.
2.If the scalp gets too dehydrated and flaky then use an anti dandruff shampoo.
3.Go slow with styling product .
4.Give your hair high quality oil massage before washing them.Hot oil hair treatment will be best for it.
5.To be free from flakes give your hair extra rinse thoroughly.
6.Always use a good conditioner and brush your hair gently in an even stroke to minimize the pressure on the split ends .
By following above tips will make your hair less dry and appear more silky.They will break less and split ends problem will also be reduced.
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  1. only twice a week to clean the hair? hmmm. in our country, everytime we take a bath we shampoo our hair. if i take a bath 3x a day (which i do these days as it is too hot), i shampoo 3x a day too.. maybe it is too much for my scalp.. thanks for the tips

  2. of late my hair are also pretty dry..i have started oiling them before shampooing …thanks for the tips :)) and yeah i shampoo like two times a week..so i guess i am good there 🙂

  3. Dry hair needs to washed less because they lose natural oil easily..I like yur hair Sovina..They r beautiful..Please oil them regularly:)

  4. Dear Anamika,Wanted your advise on application of oil. How long should I leave it. I have oily hair and I wash it every day and use oil overnight 2 – 3 times a week. But with the pungent smell of sesame oil I am wondering how long should I apply it.Thanks in advance for you advise sweety.Have a great day ahead.regardsShiva

  5. Thanks Shiva:)You make me feel so happy .I am glad I am of some help to you..I wish I could helped you out before .It would have saved so much of natural oil of yourhair..Keep using the oil and co washing..and be beautiful and fit as you are:)Loads ofloveAnamika:)


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