Dry hair – Top five tips and remedies for dry hair in winters

By Mamta, 
Dry hair – Cold weather result in dry hair during winters and winter winds can work havoc with your hair. One needs to expose their hair with some deep conditioning .In this weather our hair gets frizzy, crispy, static and dull. Indoor heat of heaters and hats take a toll on the hair. Dry hair are hard to control and it is one of the most challenging beauty problem in winters for women.
Dry hair occurs when the cells in each strand of hair line up in straight rows are stressed by harsh chemicals and some hair products.

With some simple precaution one can prevent the hair from drying.
Right shampoo First thing is to use the shampoo specifically formulated for dry hair. This seems like a common sense thing but most of the time we get in the habit of using the same shampoo season after season.
Shampoo which has worked well for your locks in summer will not work the same in winters. Infact it can make your hair even worse. Also avoid these 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner they are not that effective. It is better to invest in a quality product which is designed to repair and protect your dry hair.
It is the right time for split ends to start working their best therefore trims your split ends as soon as possible.
Style your hair with a knot or a twist. Try keeping away from letting your hair open when you go out as cold winds can make your hair rough easily.

Good hair conditioner and hair care tips which works for me in winters:-

1. After applying a good quality hair conditioner lock the moisture by running the hair through cold water. This closes the hair cuticle and locks the moisture in.
2. Whenever I wear tight scarf of hat I notice more split ends then I got to know that tight cap or something restricts circulation to scalp.
3. Wash your hair with warm or cool water. Hot water shower damages skin and hair.
4. Massage your hair with aloe vera juice. This replenishes moisture .
5. I use olive and egg pack to condition my hair .It keeps my hair silky and strong.

With this if you can give hot oil hair treatment to your hair (which I hardly manage to do) then it can cure dry hair problem easily.



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