Dry Lips And Cracked Lip Corners Cure

We all love to chew our lips or lick them when they crack up but  both these habits makes the condition of the lips worse.To avoid lips to get dried it is better to take care of them .

Below tips can help dry lips.

1.Exfoliation is the best thing to be done to improve  lips quality.One can use any face wash or face scrub also to exfoliate any dry or dead skin of the lips.Doing this skin cells soaks the moisture which is really needed for the lips.
2.Apply lip balm before going to bed every day.It is always better to apply a natural lip balm which is rich in beeswax.It is better to use natural beeswax rather then using any petroleum based lip balm.
*Even organic oil based lip balms aren’t ideal which gives a good gloss but not for stopping immediate moisture loss.
*If the weather is windy or if one stays in under  air conditioner most of the time then wearing lipstick which is rich in balm is effective.
*It is always advisable to use a lip balm which has SPF 15 in it when the lips are exposed to sun rays.
*Drinking plenty of water keeps the lips moisturized and healthy.If one drinks lot of water then the person will  hardly  have to give much attention to your lips.
*It might be possible that your lips get cracked due to irritation especially on the corners which might be due to any vitamin deficiency.Cracks in the corners is due to the deficiency of low B group vitamin levels.If Vitamin B supplement are taken it helps in improving the cracked corner problem.If still this problem is not resolved then consult a doctor immediately.
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  1. Petroleum-based lip balm doesn’t fix the problem that causes dry chapped lips. Instead, it basically acts as a band-aid – slightly moisturizing the surface of the lips and trapping the moisture there, thus temporarily making the lips less dry. But to keep your lips moist using petroleum-based lip balm, you need to frequently reapply the lip balm. Beeswax gives more moisturisation to the lips.


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