Dry Masking – The Next Big Thing To Grab!


Hello, beauties!


Love face masks? I do! Face masks have come a long way since the traditional milk and gram flour mask. And we love every mask that is in our kitty to bits! There are different types of face masks available in the market - From clay to brightening and plumping, charcoal and exfoliating masks, there’s a mask for every skin problem and condition out there. Even eye and lip peeling mask are trending the beauty world today. But as human nature is, we keep asking for more and more and so came the concept of Dry Masking! Yes, you heard it right – a face mask that has no fluid in it still makes your face hydrated and soft. Interesting? Keep on scrolling!


Charlotte Tilbury is a brand which is always innovative in her range. Right from the day, she stepped into the beauty world, she has created a niche for herself for all these innovative and jaw-dropping products. Though her products are priced on the steeper side, you get for what you pay for.


When Charlotte Tilbury got associated with celebrity facialist Debbie Thomas to create 5 different varieties of dry face masks which she terms as “Amazing Magic Skin Solutions” - One to hydrate, one to brighten, one to smooth, one to reduce wrinkles and one to lift and contour the skin, we knew what was coming!

But why dry mask when you have so many varieties of wet face masks and even sheet masks available in the market:

Let me give you some logical reasons!

  • Dry Face masks are “No Messy” in nature. They won’t drip off your chin and neck and so you can use it on-the-go! Let you multi-tasker self-do their work and let the mask do theirs.
  • Wet face masks are masks are mainly water and glycerin and so they can be sloppy in nature. Also, can give you over-hydration which may attract bacterial growth. Also, it is not at all suitable for people with oily and acne-prone skin. 
  • Dry Masks with its ‘dry textile technology’ helps to feed the skin with genius ingredients like - including vitamin B3, crocus bulb extract, peptides, oils and butter that help to penetrate deep into the skin and work from the cellular level, all thanks to ‘the revolutionary biomimetic delivery system’.

Ummm! We love it. Sold!


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