Dry skin and suffering from acne?

Acne is not restricted to oily skin alone. They don’t leave any skin type be its dry skin, oily or even healthy one.I am 26 (don’t remember this because I have decided to not to increase the number from next year:P) and I always thought that acne will be there only till I am 25 but this was not for me. My skin is combination oily but whenever I am in Delhi it becomes too oily and I have to take extra care of my skin.

So don’t think you are the only one there are many with us no matter what kind of skin one has .So lets discuss some points which can help out dry skin people who suffer from acne.
Water-Well if you have dry skin then drink as much water as you can. It will keep your skin hydrated , reduce dryness which will heal the acne quickly and quiet effectively. If your skin is hydrated then there will be less chances of having and acne mark also. Water will flush out the toxins from your body .So first thing is water .Water is a great help when one wants to control acne.
Cleanser-We all know importance of cleanser but one needs to understand that our skin needs cleanser according to our skin type. If one has dry skin then the cleanser which is specifically meant for dry skin should be used. Sometimes even cleanser causes dryness through its chemicals. We use cleanser because we need to remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil which is one of the important thing to prevent acne on our skin.
Moisturizer-Please do not think that your dry skin do not need moisturizer if you are suffering from acne.The sole purpose of mositurizer is to keep your skin hydrated and gives it a protective layer.It is just that one has to pick the right moisturizer if acne is a problem.It is always advisable to go for gel based moisturizer instead of creams and lotion.Moisturizer which you use should not clog your pores as our skin needs to breath all the time.
Avoid chemicals as much as possible and do not experiment with too many chemicals on your skin.There are many girls I have come across who have used chemicals on the their skin and there acne got cured but the strong chemicals caused irreparable harm.So think before buying any chemical based products.
If nothing works then consult a dermatologist.Our skin is important and it needs an informed decision when it comes to skin care.
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  1. Sometimes, because ppl with acne use harsh creams to control them, they end up with skin that is dry & dehydrated but also has acne. Excessive use of multani mitti & acne drying creams sometimes causes this. I had this problem myself when I was 21. Acne, but dry skin on surface.
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