Dry Skin Remedies


Hi I m shruthi ,

I m 21 yrs old.
Hi i have extremely dry skin .It is sensitive also..Can you please suggest a few good beauty products.
The skin near my nose is really rough..Please suggest some remedies for that also

Best Dry Skin Remedies

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  1. Shurthi as you are young i will advice you too use a good moisturiser and a sun block on your skin when you go out.at night when you sleep apply pure olive oil or coconut oil.you will get up with soft and moisturised skin every day.

  2. I follow these tips

    Never wash your face with hot water, no matter how cold it is.
    I always use cold or lukewarm water to wash my face.
    Apply egg yolk to your face – it will nourish and moisturise your skin.

    Honey is also an excellent moisturiser.

    with this I use body shop vitamin C moisturiser and body butter .:)

  3. Even I have extremely dry skin and I follow this skin care routine:

    Never use soap on your face.
    I massage my body with olive oil before bath and before going to bed everyday. It gives you great results.After bath apply a good moisturizer which will keep your skin moisturized for longer periods.(Currently I am using Himalaya Intensive Moisturizing Body Lotion for Very Dry Skin). You cab also try for Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter.
    I always use face packs mixed with milk.

  4. apply almond oil or coconut oil at night on your face and exfoliate using sugar regularly….it will keep your skin soft and moisturized…occasionally apply just honey as a face mask for 30 minutes and wash off…may be twice or thrice a week…this should help your skin…instead of sugar if you use jaggery powder (gud) it will give even better results and last of all drink lot of water to hydrate from inside…..hope this helps….

  5. Hi

    I have the same problem.. Try Jergens Multi-Purpose Face cream for the face. Apply, massage and leave on for a about 5 mimutes. Wipe off excess with a damp tissue/cotton pad. Tanveer from addicted to blush uses a similar method to remove makeup but i do this every night after washing my face with a mild facewash. There is no more dryness. You can use the same technique with almond/olive oil. I just prefer Jergens.

    My skin is sensitive too and scrubs make my skin burn.(Like as though its been scratched). The Body Shop Facial Buffer is a gentle option. (It can be a little harsh the first couple of times but it softens up after a while)
    You can feel how smooth your skin gets ..instantly.

    I also use the Famous Body Shop Bath Gloves with my favourite Body wash (St. Ives ). There are so many different brands and options to choose from.
    I generally apply a moisturizer on my arms and legs. Again i love the St. Ives range although there are loads of options out there. The things to look out in a good body lotion would probably be a light texture and appealing fragnance. Everyone has a personal choice.. so get sniffing!!



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