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Dry skin at times makes you feel that you have been cursed for life time. And the usual trouble of itchiness and uncomfortable skin never seem to leave us.

Dry skin needs scrubbing. But if the scrub is not the right one then it  will give a hell lot of pain. Scrub for dry skin should be moisturizing too.

Here is one such moisturizing scrub; of course home made. It is a DIY scrub exclusively for dry skin made from poppy seeds. FYI, poppy seeds is called as  khas-khas in India.


Poppy Seed Moisturizing Scrub Swatch+home made scrub


You will need

  • One whole almond.
  • Half spoon milk cream.
  • One spoon poppy seeds.

On the previous night, soak the whole almond in clean water. Next morning you will find the almond bloated in size and also a little soft in nature. Peel its outer cover; peeling is easy now since almond has been soaked for long hours.


Soaked Almonds for Poppy Seed Moisturizing Scrub+home made body scrubs


Rub this soaked and peeled almond on to a rough surface to get a fine crushed paste.

Now mix the almond paste, poppy seeds and milk cream together.


Poppy Seed Moisturizing Scrub Ingredients+home made scrubs


These mixed ingredients serve as an excellent moisturizing facial scrub.

  • The milk cream is the moisturizer.
  • The poppy seeds are the scrub particles that do not have sharp edges. They are exactly circular in nature and do not make any harm on the skin.
  • The almond paste serves as more base to the scrub.


Home made Poppy Seed Moisturizing Scrub+natural scrubs



Scrub the facial skin and neck with this self made poppy seed scrub for about 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

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