Dry skin treatment – 10 easy tips for dry skin care

 By Gunjan,
                                                            Dry Skin
As lot many readers on Wise She have questioned Anamika about dry skin care, she asked me to do the post as I have dry skin an we have talked lot about it.


Causes of dry skin – Generally this is due to inherent nature of the skin , excessive sun exposure, harmonal effects , environmental pollution or if you take too many skin treatments which results in some side effects.
A simple daily care routine  can go a long way in maintaining dry skin and enhancing the skin glow.
Below are some simple dry skin remedies
1.Stay away from extra harsh soaps and cleanser.They only harm the skin rather than making it better.Go for some mild or natural cleanser  which are easily available in market nowadays.
2.Avoid hot water bath as much as you can.Use luke warm water while taking bath .
3.Use products like vaseline or nivea every night before going to bed.Trust me it do wonders to dry skin.Just be generous with the cream.It helps in removing tiny lines and crows feet too.
4.Follow a bath or a shower with a mild application of baby oil.
5. Invest in good moisturizer.It is one of the major form of your skin care.Use moisturizer immediately after washing your face when it is still wet.
6. Exfoliation is tempting but do not go over scrub your skin.It can crack your skin and can even give redness which will take long time to heal.
7. Skin under the eyes is very sensitive and thin  therefore don’t put any heavy creams under your eyes.This may give you puffy eyes or sagging skin in future.
8.Above tips will not work for you at all if you do not drink water.Water keeps dry skin well hydrated infact it is must for all type of skin .
9. Foods like garlic , onion and eggs which are rich in sulfur makes dry skin smooth and healthy.


  1. yes..actually here in hyderabad there is hardly any winter..i miss applying vaseline all over my face 🙁 skin used to be yumm:)
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  2. Nature has all the ingredients for a healthy skin. I am agree with all the tips. Vaseline is a natural ingredient but I am little uncomfortable with cosmetics to apply on skin and that again at night when skin needs free air.

    excellent article.
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