Dry Skin Treatment


By Monica,

I have dry , scaly and itchy skin which is getting unmanageable.My lips are dry too and no amount of moisturisation is working.Please help I am 18 year old πŸ™

Dry skin treatment

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  1. hey Monica I suggest you to consult a good dermatologist.
    but otherwise I beleive u should nt use too much of soap
    but if u have itchy skin , I beleive coconut oil would be the best to apply !!!
    A derma can reccomend best products for you Monica !!

  2. Hi Monika,
    Even I suffered with same prob few years back. Although it will take some to get over, few suggestions I would like to give:

    Don’t ever forget to moisturize your skin at night before going to bed.Preferably with olive or almond oil.
    For lips you can use ghee for few weeks. Reapply in regular intervals.
    Before going for bath also make sure to massage your body with any of the moisturizing oils.Avoid taking hot baths for long and immediately apply body lotion after bath to seal in moisture.Use body scrub atleast twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells.
    Reapply your body lotion after every 2-3 hours for few weeks. I would suggest you go for lotions/body butters with cocoa butter or shea butter. You can also add 2-3 Vitamin E capsules to olive oil and use it even at day time.(I did that).
    Drink lots n lots of fluid.Orange juice will also help.

    hope this helps.

  3. hey monica i can completely understand your problem as i too have dry skin :-(( but after using garnire cocoon i really feel comfortable through out the day without any itchy feeling :dance-leftright: i can recommend you some creams like st ives oatmeal cream,whipped silk for comforting dry skin…also try applying banana and glycerin for your skin weekly once and see the difference,drink insane amount of water and avoid taking showers in hot water. :-)) i hope that helps

  4. Dry skin is faces when your oil glands do not supply you right amount of lubrication which your skin needs.As said above stop using soaps and hard water.Use RO water to wash our face and apply baby oil after taking shower.

    you can take one egg and mix it with some honey and apply it on your face.this will heal up the hydration.Dry skin can also be because of genetic condition and under active thyroid so you need to consult a doctor .

  5. Monica,1.Please specify where you are having itchy skin because the presence of itchy skin in different places signifies different issues
    2.In any day of the month do u find ur skin normal
    3. what is the color of the scales
    4. Since when are u facing this problem,
    5. if the itchy skin seems to be in a limited area ,do u feel that this area is increasing over a period of time
    6.do u get a rash of any color before the white scales
    7. Do u have dandruff
    8.How is the skin around ur eyes
    9. Hyper pigmentation anywhere?

    • Dear Amritha, my skin gets flaky and then dry with this it starts itching on forehead and some time chin.

      2.my skin remain the same most of the time

      3.scale looks slight reddish and i am facing this problem since january.I thought it is because of winters but problem refuses to subside.

      4 yaa i have dandruff too πŸ™ my life is in a mess πŸ˜₯

          • Ok , this is what I request u to do…quit eating wheat for a week, which means to wheat, no atta made stuff, no samosas…etc nothing that has wheat, sooji, maida or remotely related to wheat and mainly please don’t use any products.Keep the affected areas clean. thats it. If there is any improvement, get in touch with me.But mind u no wheat , no biscuits..no breakfast cereal either. I know tough, its an experiment cos I cannot examine u in person , so. If u wish to specifically address this , u can get in touch with me on my email. And one more thing ,,,,,the scales do they become white as they dry out…?

  6. Use a cold cream / thick moisturiser at night, use gentle non foaming cleansers like cetaphil. Avoid toners. Exfoliate twice a week to remove dead cells. Use nourishing face packs – face butters. body shop has a very nice hemp face protector cream which you can use during the day – it is a very powerful moisturiser.

    • My sincere apologies for scaring you monica but I have a very genuine reason for those questions, cos I suffered with them…went to the so called best dermatologists in my state. Nothing happened, if this is what I think it is , then the remedy is very simple. I am only trying to help you. If it reduces worry in any way then am studying to be a homeopath, and these questions are pretty normal if u have ever visited one.

    Invest on a good moisturizer one of these
    1 Garnier body cocoon
    2 Cetaphil for Dry and sensitive skin (the one for dry skin)
    3 vani cream for extremely sensitive skin
    4 Lubriderm for dry skin
    5 OR any moisturizer or body butter of your choice

    massage your skin with olive or Almond oil prior to bath
    but its a bit messy.

    And don’t use a bar soap only mild body wash (SLS products in the soaps dries out skin so buy something very mild ).

    Don’t scrub your skin too often (which will dry out the skin)

    For your lips scrub your lips with a tooth brush (while brushing) or use
    a sugar scrub, after removing the dead cells/flakes apply a balm
    (i willn’t suggest using a petroleum based gel)before going to bed.

    Last but not the least go see the doctor if its eczema, and more over extreme dry lips isn’t a good sign not trying to scare you, but just to be on a safer side.


  8. hey..
    i too hav dry skin…
    for skin u can apply a paste made with banana and honey…once a week..it also helps in getting fairer skin…

    most important drink lots of water…

    and for lips you can apply ghee on your belly button…2 times a day..trust me..it works..


  9. Hi Cleanse and exfoliate your skin with a scrub for dry skin and apply aroma magic alomond moisturising lotion on your face. its toooooooooooo good. Even I have a dry skin. I apply this as a base.

  10. Hi Monica,Ò€©If you’re into natural remedies, I’ve found pure Jojoba oil to work wonders for my skin. For daytime I massage 4-5 drops into my skin while it’s still damp. Since it’s easily absorbed and non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores.. Yaay!), I also use it as an overnight moisturiser to get rid of dry patches around the cheeks and wake up to soft supple skin. Ò€©Like someone said, curd is also beneficial. I apply a mixture of curd and ground oats but remember to wipe it off with a soft towel dipped in warm water.Ò€©Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Monika,
    I have seen my dermatologist sugestng 2 all age groups 2 apply nadiya tela. All u have 2 do s after bathng with soap r sampoo pat dry ur body with wet towel.then mix d oil with water n apply 2 whole body .then agin take bath n pat dry ur body but dont rub.

  12. monica u can also apply Oilatum cream useful 4 dry,sensitive,itchy,irritating skin.also used in treatment of eczema.suitable 4 all n all skin types,non comedogenic.beneficial immediately after washing.


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