Dull Damaged Hair Solution


By Akshita,

My hair has become really dull and I need some home remedies to bring back the shine. Help!

Damaged hair solution


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  1. Use aloe vera gel..in its pure form and wash it once its semi dry like say 2 hours…do this once a week….its a simple and easy one

  2. Give hot oil and steam treatment to your hair regularly once in a week. You will see the results, also you can go for protein treatment in a parlor once a month. Increase protein intake in your diet. Treat your hair with egg pack and curd packs as they are rich in proteins.Don’t expose them to sun too much..keep them covered as much as possible with a scarf when you are out. Use a good conditioner meant to impart shine in the hair.

    And finally one question..is your hair oily or dry or normal :silly:

    • three easy and simple things from my side

      1. egg packs
      2. last rinse with apple cider vinegar
      3. or last rinse with a mug full of water with 1tsp of honey in it.

  3. I got lip love aphrodite blush, chambor silk pink, colorbar blush, vega brushes, adn the usual scrubs and rose water and all.. :-)) :-)) :dance:

  4. Btw you know what, now I have doubts if the chambor lippy suits me :(( I should seriously take someone with me next time I shop! It looked so good in the shop but now has got me thinking :(( :((

    • mm u can priti ..but vit e capsules are easily available in any chemist shop and r great for yur hair.
      still i think even if u add almond oil or olive oil it will work well.

  5. use tomato on hair….either juice or pulp or blend 2-3 tomatoes depending on your hair length and apply them on your hair…its a little messy coz it would be dripping a little…leave for half hour and shampoo…regular usage improves dullness and damage and brings a lot of shine to the hair…and if you want to use a hair pack from the market…I would suggest biotique musk root….its amazing though tedious but results are worth it…..

  6. What do you do exactly with your aloe vera gel ? I drink mine with juice, i didn’t know i could use it on my hair, right now i’m trying everything to bring back my baby fine hair from using too much ceramic iron.

  7. i am suffering 4m huge hair loss..severe hair loss 😥 forhead side..before 6months i have done permanent hair straighting ..now my hair become so dull..wat shld i do..plz help. 😥


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