Dull skin and hair fall – Wise She reader question


By Latika,

I  have recently recovered from typhoid and now my skin looks dull and I suffer from severe hair fall.I want to bring back the glow of my skin and stop hair fall.Please help!!!

Hi Latika, 

Any illness can affect the normal hair cycle which continues  for a month.This condition is popularly know as effluvium if I am not wrong. You need to take high protein diet to strengthen your hair and skin.With this ask your  doctor for some vitamin capsules too.

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  1. Hi..I suffered from the same problem and I had vitamin E capsules daily and increased my protein intake by discussing with my doctor.With this I massaged my hair with coconut hair oil with curry leaves.

  2. hi……….buy extra virgin cocnut oiland virgin sesame oil…..(avaialble at forrest essentilas) to it add curry leaves and bibiscus flowers…………..keep the concoction in sun ………use this oil………..and see the diference


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