Dupe Alert- MAC RiRi Woo/ Ruby Woo Vs L’Oreal Paris Star Collection Reds- Frieda Pinto-Pure Rouge


Dupe Alert- MAC RiRi Woo/ Ruby Woo Vs L’Oreal Paris Star Collection Reds

Holla, red lip lovers!

Dupe Alert- MAC RiRi Woo/ Ruby Woo Vs L'Oreal Paris Star Collection Reds- Frieda Pinto-Pure Rouge

Red lipstick love is everlasting! We Indian people love pink and red lipsticks to the core. Whenever we talk about our favourite lip shade for festivals, parties or different kind of occasions, red comes first in our mind. Being a red lipstick lover, I have a number of red lipsticks in my kitty in different kinds of textures and believe me, red looks amazing in every finish. This is surely one of the most flattering shade for every kind of skin tone.

Dupe Alert- MAC RiRi Woo/ Ruby Woo Vs L'Oreal Paris Star Collection Reds- Frieda Pinto

Okay! Enough of blabbing. Today, I am here with an another close dupe that I recently discovered, of our very own MAC RiRi Woo/ MAC Ruby Woo and it’s none other than, L’Oreal Star Collection Reds- Frieda Pinto. Scroll down to know more 🙂

mac riri woo

MAC RiRi Woo/ Ruby Woo

INR 1450 for 3g.

MAC RIRI Woo is described as matte cool red and has a retro matte finish. As the description says, it is cool toned blue based medium to dark red shade and very teeny tiny bit different from Ruby Woo from where the inspiration comes. It is housed in rose gold packaging, looks and feels luxury.

mac ruby woo dupe

It has a pure -matte texture, but there is no tugging and pulling which is really a common nature for a matte lipstick. The pigmentation of this particular lip colour is insane and it goes opaque within 2 swipes. The only different between ‘Ruby Woo’ and ‘RiRi Woo’ is ‘ the texture’.

best mac ruby woo dupe

‘Ruby Woo’ is retro matte and provides absolute matte finish whereas RiRi Woo has a very subtle finish. Since it is a pure matte lipstick, it tends to accentuate dry patches, So always prepare your lips before the application of this lipstick. It has great staying power of 8+ hours, the long-wearing matte lipstick lovers rejoice! The only sad part is, it was a limited edition and collective product.

L’Oreal Paris Star Collection Reds – Frieda Pinto-Pure Rouge

INR 1025 for 4.2gm.

L’oreal Paris Star Collection Reds – Frieda Pinto is a signature neutral tone shade of red with creamy -matte texture. It provides beautiful velvet matte finish. The pigmentation of this lipstick is on the higher side, although it doesn’t settle into my lip lines which but goes uneven on dry and chapped lips that’ll surely ruin your overall look.

This beautiful lipstick stays for about 7+ hours without any lip liner and primer underneath. Although, it doesn’t give that powdery matte finish but it sets in a beautiful velvety matte finish that gives ‘Just applied’ appearance, even after hours of application.

The only difference, I found between these two lipsticks, is their’ Texture’. If you are someone who adores powder matte lipstick more, then go for ‘Ruby Woo’ otherwise, go for ‘Frieda Pinto’ one for luscious-looking red hot lips and it is great for budget beauties too.

RiRi Woo/ Ruby Woo Lip Swatch-

I hope you like my post. Although, I have done tonnes of review/comparison of Ruby Woo lipstick dupes, but this one is amazing to find. 🙂 Plus, it is much affordable than RiRi Woo/ Ruby Woo as well. So go grab it, it’s an absolute stunner! 🙂

L’Oreal Paris Star Collection Reds - Frieda Pinto-Pure Rouge Lip Swatch-

Much Love



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