Dupe Alert – Makeup Forever #29 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick Dupe


MUFE Lipstick 29 


While  looking for MUFE 29 Rouge artist intense lipstick I realised that I haven’t even reviewed it .May be some other time as there is already too much of a back log which has to be completed.The speed at which I do shopping is little faster than the speed of the reviews I guess 😛

  • MUFE 29 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick – INR 1236
  • MAX Factor Rosewood 833 Lipstick – INR 670



MUFE Rouge artist intense lipstick 29 dupe+MUFE lipstick 29  rose shade reviews


  • Texture (MUFE) – It goes on smooth, is  opaque and have 4-5 hours of staying power.Albeit it’s little drying .
  • Texture MAX Factor – Little less opaque but its more moisturizing and creamy.You can read the detail review here.You can read shade pink brandy 825 review here


MUFE Intense lipstick 29 dupe+MUFE Rouge artist intense lipstick 29 dupes


Swatches – Both are rosy brown shade in which MUFE 29 is tad bit brown than MAX Rose wood but on my pigmented lips they both look more or less the same .


MUFE Rounge artist intense lipstick 29 dupes and swathes+MAX FACTOR ROSE WOOD LIPSTICK


Do you know any other dupe of Makeup For ever #29 ?


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  1. love u for dis dupe its perfect mlbb for me :hug-makeup: i have been waiting to lay my hands of mufe lippies..have requested medplus lets c if dey stock or not :fingersxd: :dance:

  2. Btw I forgot to tell u guys.. I got 120 palette 2nd edition and 66 lip palette from BH Cosmetics ..its the 11th day today ..waiting for arrival! :yippee: :dance-left-right:

    • Sunandha..is rose shade with hint of brown suits u then it will otherwise it will more brown..and look kind of nude on NC 45 if they have pigmented lips i believe.

      • Havent tried these sorta shades b4. Might go for it next time. I am not sure which shade am in MAC but should be closer to NC45. And I do have pigmented lips.


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