Lets Dupe It!!: Dupe for MAC Ravishing


Hi Girls!

I reviewed the MAC Ravishing lipstick some time back and alot of you liked the shade..Once more while browsing my stash I realised I had a dupe of this lovely orangey coral and thought to share it with you. The dupe is MUA Lipstick in No.4!


MAC ravishing dupe + mua lipstick no4


As you can see from  the swatches below, MAC Ravishing looks a tad bit sheer as compared to MUA 4. The MUA lippy is way creamier and tends to stain the lips a bit whereas MAC Ravishing doesn’t do so. Texture-wise though, I prefer MAC since it’s more forgiving on my dry lips whereas MUA 4 is too creamy and settles into my liplines.


MAC ravishing dupe + mua lipstick 4


You can read the full review for MUA No4 here and the review for MAC Ravishing here.


MAC ravishing dupe + mua lipstick 4+coral lipsticks


So which would you choose of these of these two ?


Do let us know if you discovered any of MAC Ravishing dupe 🙂


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