e.l.f. HD Blush in Showstopper Review & Swatches


e.l.f. HD Blush in Showstopper


This is my first post on WiseShe and I am so happy that I can finally contribute to this blog instead of being a silent spectator. 🙂

The correct blush tone can spotlight angular cheekbones you though you never had or recreate a beautiful flush of a blushing maiden. The product I am now going to review may just be the HG product for numerous dark skinned beauties.


e.l.f. HD Blush in Showstopper Review+cream blushes


  • Price: $3.You can buy it from here

About e.l.f. HD Blush:

Naturally sculpts and highlights for a soft-focus effect that is great for everyday use. The VitaminE enriched formula conditions and hydrates the skin for a healthy glow. Velvety soft, lightweight and highly pigmented color creates a long-lasting result for all day wear.


e.l.f. HD Blush in Showstopper Shade+blush makeup


My views on e.l.f. HD Blush in Showstopper:

The first thing you notice about this product is it’s uncanny resemblance to the MUFE HD blushes. While they are undoubtedly a knock off they function so brilliantly, that too at a mere fraction of MUFE’s prices, that beauty bloggers everywhere can’t help but rave about them.

The e.l.f. HD Blush comes in a plastic bottle with a pump dispenser, that is as functional as it is attractive. The  dispenser helps in hygienic dispensal of the liquid blush. While no applicator is provided I feel that a stipple brush is the most ideal way of applying this blush. This blush is so insanely pigmented that a single pump is enough not only for you, but also an entire Indian joint family!


e.l.f. HD Blush in Showstopper Review Package+cream pigments


All you need is a smidge of product for both cheeks, after which blending is key. You need to blend this product well, or else I guarantee that you will end up with 2 racing stripes on either side of your face. This product stains like nobody’s business so it’s best to use a palette to prevent garish stains while using a stipple brush. You can also use this product as a lip stain, but you need to use a lot of product so I normally don’t use it this way.

The colour is a very pretty berry with microshimmer, a perfect colour for any woman during the winters. It warms up the complexion and can be used as a contouring blush too by darker beauties. It lasts a decent 7 hours on my combination skin when I use it as a everyday blush. While with a primer it lasted my entire 13 hour day (3 Diwali parties) with minimal fading.


e.l.f. HD Blush in Showstopper  Swatches:-

e.l.f. HD Blush in Showstopper Review Hand Swatch+makeup


My sensitive skin has not seen a single zit due to this product, which leads me to believe that it is non-comodeogenic but it’s just a shot in the dark. It feels very light on the skin and you don’t feel like you are using any cheek product at all.


What I like about e.l.f. HD Blush in Showstopper:-


  • Inexpensive
  • Intensely pigmented (may be a con for some)
  • Wide shade collection
  • Travel safe packaging
  • Seems to be non-comodogenic
  • Pump Dispenser makes dispension a breeze
  • Versatile
  • Long lasting
  • e.l.f. Cosmetics are not tested on animals
  • Gorgeous colour for dark skinned beauties
  • Hygienic


What I dislike about e.l.f. HD Blush in Showstopper:-


  • Can look overdone if not applied with care
  • Stains like nobody’s business
  • Application is a hassle
  • Contains parabens
  • Unavailability in India
  • Microshimmer (may be a pro for some)
  • Lighter skinned beauties might shy away
  • No applicator is provided
  • Dries very fast so blending needs to be quick


  • Product Rating: 4/5


Have you tried e.l.f. HD Blush in Showstopper ?


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  1. this looks very very pretty, but using it would be very difficult, very easily one can go wrong, i dont blushers tht stain, but i kind of liked the shade


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