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Hi All,

I first came across E.L.F while in Bangalore 2yrs back when I saw their lip glosses at an H&G outlet. I picked up some stuff on a whimsy and really liked them. At the time I thought it was some local Indian brand and didn’t really give it much thought because I felt they would be available everywhere. Later after I got transferred and one of my glosses got over and I couldn’t find it anywhere, I did some research and realized it wasn’t an Indian brand and that its availability was very very limited…suffice to say, I was very disappointed and mentally kicked myself many a time for not stocking up on them when I could 🙁

So when I came across these Nail Polish removers at one my regular stores I was overjoyed! These are a total HIT!! girls and if you see them anywhere do pick them up :).

elf nail polish remover pads Review

 What does E.L.F have to say about these remover pads:

These convenient pads quickly and easily remove nail polish without the mess associated with bottled remover. Citrus scent and gentle formula leave nails fresh and soft.

  •  Prize and Quantity: INR 149 for 18 pads, I got this at an offer price of INR 99

nail polish removers cheap+Indian beauty blog

ELF Nail Polish Remover Pads Ingredients


Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Hexyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol


 My Experience with American Cream: 


  • Packaging: These remover pads come in a tiny circular plastic dibbi and has the cardboard packaging as seen above. The circular packaging itself is quite sturdy and is so compact that it’s super easy to just throw this in your bag and carry it. They are totally travel friendly without the fear of spillage or weird alcohol smells and without the ‘jhanjhat’ of carrying multiple things like NP remover and cotton balls and what not. This is a boon..especially for those who travel often and find it a bother to carry so much along with them.


elf nail polish remover pads reviews indian makeup blog

  •  Fragrance: The claim promises a citrus scent and they do deliver in this regard. I usually hate the alcohol smell of the usual removers we use. This is totally different in that regard. The minute you unscrew the lid a lovely mild citrus scent assails your senses and its a super win-win for the brand.
  • Usage: These are extremely easy to use. Just unscrew the top, pick a removal pad and rub over the nails. The nail paint gets removed sooner if its just 1-2 coats of polish. If you’ve done some nail art, then its a bit tougher. I have realised that in such cases if you just let the pad lie on the nail for a while, the layers of polish get removed pretty easily. The pads may look really thin and fragile but let me assure you that it has a huge capacity. If you check out the pics below you would see I;ve used one pad till death! And this was to removed nail art (about 4-5 coats of various polishes) from all 10 nails.

elf nail polish remover pads reviews


  • Effectiveness: Now we come to my favorite part. What sets this brand of nail polish pads apart from all others I’ve used in the past…Its moisturizing effect! Yep guys, these removal pads are actually moisturizing. More often than not, we can visibly see the moisture being stripped from our nails while using NP removers. But not so in this case. From the moment you start rubbing off the nail paint, a mild oil kind of substance is seen on the nails and this doesn’t evaporate taking the moisture along with it. It actually moisturizes the nails further. This does feel a bit weird at first.  I initially felt like it was oily but its totally non-sticky and feels great. I just kept my nails that way after removing the nail polish and washed after 5mins. And believe me girls, after washing, my nails were glowing as if I’d come from a mani session!

elf nail polish removers+Indian makeup and beauty blog

 I have attached a pic of the used removal pad below. Initially I thought these were too thin and small to remove Nail art; but wonder of wonders, this single tiny removal pad removed all the nail art pristinely from all 10 fingers…and gals, just consider it…about 3-4 layers of various nail paint on the nails…multiplied by 10..all removed! 🙂 🙂


nail polish remover pads India+Indian nail art blog

Below is the pic of my nails after nail polish removal. They look so moisturized and shiny..Not the least bit dried out.

elf nail polish removers pads India reviews

What I liked about ELF Nail Polish Remover Pads

  • Can say Bye-Bye to the messiness of using multiple articles like cotton, remover, nail cream, etc
  • I was so amazed to see my nails feeling moisturized instead of dried out which usually happens after using alcohol removers.
  • I love the lemony scent as opposed to the irritating alcohol smell.
  • Very effective. Just 1 pad is sufficient to remove NP from all fingers.
  • Perfect during travel. No need to fear any breakage and alcohol smells leaking out!
  • Very pocket friendly.


What I do not like about ELF Nail Polish Remover Pads


  • Availability is a problem
  • Thought its extremely moisturizing and doesn’t strip the nail of moisture, it fingers do feel a bit oily an sticky after use

 Will I buy it again: Definitely!

Rating: 4.5/5 (-.5 only for the availability)


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    • i have used only ELF ones and another jappo brand but i liked this more only coz of the moisturizing effect…m not aware if there r other brands out there with the same knda solution..

    • Oooohhhhh….I luv everything! Waise if u wnt brushes, their studio line has the best brushes..also, they have a gr8 contouring palette, lip glosses, bronzers and their studio line blushes r also fantastic…and u absolutely can’t miss their gel/cream lines 🙂 🙂

  1. u did it again zara..

    never knew ElF is available in india..
    i tried ordering using a non US credit card and delivery in USA ..it rejected the credit card..
    will try again..

  2. these wont make yur nails dry at all Prachi..and will not leave any white case..they may makeyur nails oily which u can easily get rid off by washing yur nails.

  3. Sameness…the normal liquid ones dry out my nails like crazy..but this one is really really awesome.. :chic: it only a bit oily which is fine and can be rinsed off like A mentioned..

  4. first of all – love your nails..fabulous..your fingers look moisturized 🙂 i love ELF. have thier lipglosses and the foundation powder and like both..this product seems like a good thing while travelling..

    • Thanx Appu…these r truly a god sent for travellers or to just pop into ur bag on the go…beats the headahce of carrying so much stuff…

      ELF stuff is really nice..i only have a couple of glosses, brow stuff and some NPs from them..unfortunately never picked up their blushes when i cud.. 🙁

  5. I’ve seen these so many times, but I always thought these were some kind of scam.. wasn’t expecting them to work.

    I’m gonna get these on my next shopping trip 😉

    • haha..even i never thought they’d work..especially after the first swipe when i felt there was too much oily substance than actually remover…but wonder fo wonders it did work and m quite happy with them..Do try them out Tans..


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