e.l.f. Studio Kabuki Brush Review


e.l.f. Studio Kabuki Brush

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There is nothing more insanely adorable than small fluffy animals that have huge wagging tails. I find them amazingly cute and can’t stop myself from immediately petting them.

The product I am now going to review is similarly adorable. The duo toned brush has become an indespensible product in my makeup routine and is cute to boot! 😛


e.l.f. Studio Kabuki Brush


Price: $6.You can buy from here

About the e.l.f. Studio Kabuki Brush:

This anti bacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brush is softer and more absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products. Be a professional makeup artist and create a flawless look with this brush! Our handy and easy to use Kabuki Brushes provide a light to full coverage on your face or body to ensure a flawless finish. The compact brush is perfectly sized to allow for precise and controlled application of bronzer, powder, or a highlighter on your skin.


e.l.f. Kabuki Brush

elf Kabuki Brush


My take on the e.l.f. Studio Kabuki Brush:

The word “kabuki” comes from a Japanese theatre production that requires actors to buff large amounts of rice powder on their face. The buffing brush used for this purpose is thereby called a kabuki brush.

The kabuki brush has taken the world by storm due to it’s incredible functionality and versatility. But stores in India that do sell this brush, price them exorbitantly. So I started looking for an affordable alternative. I managed to find it in my favourite brand and I can’t stop myself from singing its praises.


elf kabruki blush brush


This brush is a multipurpose buffer that not only works brilliantly but also looks absolutely adorable while doing so. The duo toned brush can be used to apply an even layer of foundation, blush or even contouring powder perfectly. It works with both wet and dry products, equally brilliantly.

Seeing as this brush is made using Taklon fiber and not animal hair, it is vegan safe and no animals were harmed in its making. It’s always nice to be animal friendly when we can, isn’t it?

The brush is small and compact, but please don’t throw away the packaging that it comes in because it’s the only way to transport the brush without bristle damage.


elf blush brush


While it is very easy to clean, the drying time required is a lot. It took almost day and a half to air dry on a hot Chennai summer day and almost 2-3 days in Delhi winters. So it’s best to dry it with a hair dryer at a low heat setting. It also doesn’t lose any bristles despite rigorous washing. But my suggestion would be to make sure that no water goes into the ferrule of the brush, because that’s a sure shot way for the glue to lose its effectiveness.

What I like about the e.l.f. Studio Kabuki Brush:

  • Does not shed at all
  • Multi-purpose brush
  • Lightweight
  • Travel safe packaging
  • e.l.f. products are not tested on animals
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Vegan friendly
  • Beautiful for blending seamlessly
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Small and compact

What I don’t like about the e.l.f. Studio Kabuki Brush:

  • One of the most expensive brushes in their range
  • Long drying time
  • Non availability in India

Would I repurchase the e.l.f. Studio Kabuki Brush? Hell to the yes!

Would I recommend the e.l.f. Studio Kabuki Brush? Ofcourse I will.

 Rating: 5/5

Have you tried the e.l.f. Studio Kabuki Brush?

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