3 Simple Ear Wax Remedies


By Ananya,                    Ear Wax Removal Home Remedy

Hi everyone,

The six senses are most important functions of a human body which affect our day to day life – vision, hearing,speech,taste,smell and touch. I had often seen some of my friends in college and hostel using ear-buds for cleaning their ears. I’d never felt the need and to be honest, was slightly scared of them since I felt they might damage my ears!

However, a few days back, I started getting a feeling that my left ear is too stuffed and I cannot hear properly from that side. I tried exhaling the air quickly with nose and mouth closed – so that ears open up – it did not work. I also tried hitting below my ear with slight force 😛 but in vain. My room-mate suggested me to clean my ears with thinly rolled newspaper – but I was very very cautious. So I finally consulted my doctor and read about it more and would like to share it with all of you.

Ear wax removal remedies

The insides of our ears, like eyes, are very delicate organs which needs a great deal of protection so that they function correctly. To protect this sensitive area, ears have tiny glands that produce wax that lines the ear canal. This ear wax, along with the small hair follicles, traps the external matter like dust and debris before it reaches the inner ear (similar to our nose). The wax, then migrates to outer ear where it’s easy to remove with the tip of a handkerchief. Sometimes, more ear wax is produced than the ear can easily get rid of. It accumulates over the time and you tend to lose some hearing because of that. Further, too much ear wax can cause pressure changes inside the inner ear and may be painful. Here’s what you should do to remove the excess ear wax –

How To Rem

  • Ear buds: These should be used for regular cleaning of the outer ear. It is helpful in removing the ear wax from the external regions of ear. However, do not press it too much inside – otherwise it may push the inner wax further into the ear canal which can be dangerous for the ears.
  • Baby oil/ mineral oil: When your body is producing a lot of ear wax, it can get nearly rock-hard, making it difficult to remove. To soften it, put a few drops of gentle-warm mineral oil, baby oil or glycerin in your ear with an eyedropper, then roll your head around to let the oil soak in. It might give you an unpleasant sensation for sometime, but then after the wax melts, when you tilt your head down towards the ear, the wax will flow towards the outer of ear where it’s easier to remove.
  • Bubble it away: Another way to soften earwax is to fill an eyedropper with hydrogen peroxide and squirt it into your ears. Allow it to go in, settle and bubble for a few minutes, then drain your ear by tilting your head to the side. The bubbles will help in detaching the small wax particles which will drain out with the fluid

Besides these, wash your ears regularly and keep them clean. However, if your ears produce too much ear wax that you can actually see it in the outer ear or if your hearing seems to be getting worse or tampered, please check with your physician / ENT specialist as soon as possible.

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  1. oh trust me…once I had a fungal infection in my ear due to excess wax build up for which I had to go to an ENT and it was so painful to get it taken out…these days its becoming more common coz of the excess dependency on mobiles and ear phones…it gives chance for bacteria and fungus to develop…..and using ear buds is way too addictive and dangerous…actually doctors say that you should not use ear buds…simply use the fingers to clean the ears during the bath…that’s more than enuf..

  2. ohh yur build went to such extreme..i am sorry about that .must be painful Swati ..

    ear buds should be avoided..i know..i think i should just stick to them for my makeup use 😀


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