Easiest Homemade Hair Pack Recipe For Dry Damaged Hair – Video


Easiest Homemade Hair Pack Recipe For Dry Damaged Hair

Hello gorgeous ladies,

Today I am here with a hair pack DIY which is just apt for the winter season.

During winters our hair start to behave in a very weird manner. They become, dry, damaged & frizzy. The cool winds and hot shower rip off moisture from hair and leave them dry. And not just the weather, it is our regular use of heat hair styling that damages hair and also invites split ends. Styling cannot be stopped but yes we can take some extra care to replenish the lost nourishment of hair.

Our hair need special care throughout the year no matter if you style or not, but during this season, a little extra pampering of hair is needed to maintain your gorgeous tresses. So just to add in to your hair pampering sessions here is my DIY hair pack for dry & damaged, brittle hair.

The hair pack recipe which I am sharing today does not call for many ingredients and is pretty easy to use. I can vouch for its results, if you use it regularly once every week for a month then you are sure to see its good results. This will not only act like a great rescue system for your hair but will also be kind to your pockets and save a lot of bucks which you might just spend in expensive hair spa treatments.

Read on further to know the Hair Pack Recipe:

You will need an egg if you have thin short to medium hair or two eggs if you have long hair, olive oil and honey for extra nourishment to extreme dry hair.

You can skip honey if you do not have extremely dry, brittle hair.

With two eggs you will need two teaspoons of olive oil and one teaspoon of honey. I shall skip honey here since I do not have very dry hair and moreover I want do not want to get into the mess and pain of washing off honey from my hair. Washing honey from hair is a little tuff and time consuming.

Step 1

Crack the eggs, and put egg yolk and egg whites in a bowl. While some prefer using only egg yolk and some prefer using only egg whites, I prefer to use both since this really suits me well.

Step 2

Add two teaspoons of olive oil and one teaspoon of honey (if you are using it) in the egg filled bowl.

Olive oil is easily available on flipkart.com. You can buy here .

Step 3

Blend them together. Mix them till the time all the ingredients are thoroughly blended.

Step 4

Now apply this mixture on your scalp and hair, focusing more on scalp. Massage your scalp gently with your fingers for few minutes. Ensure that the mixture is applied well all over.

Step 5

Cover your head with a shower cap and leave the hair mask for 30-60 minutes, as per your preference. I keep the hair pack on my hair for 30 minutes and it works fine for me this way.

Step 6

Rinse off the pack and follow up with a mild shampoo. Just in case if you have used honey in the pack, then this might need 3-4 washes.

This is it. Wasn’t the hair mask easy to use?

Do not forget to watch the video for extra details that you might seek, and also hit thumbs up if you like the video.

Which is your favorite homemade hair pack?

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