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After my 7 days of Navratri fast I was craving for pasta .Though most of the time I prefer following healthy pasta recipes  or simple pasta salad recipes but this time the word healthy was surely not in my mind.This is a creamy pasta recipe which I read in a news paper.It exactly take fifteen minutes in making this recipe and I made it twice.Reason being my husband doesn’t like pasta..Can you believe this ?? so I cooked this for myself.
Before eating I asked him to taste it and then he wanted it all .So double work for me but as it hardly take any time I didn’t feel burdened.
     Creamy Pasta
So lesson learnt is – If you make something which you think others won’t like then better not make them taste it. 
This is a recipe for kids also.You can add some vegetables also in it to make it little healthier and give it to them in their lunch box.
Here goes the Creamy pasta recipe
2 cups cooked pasta (You can use any shape pasta  and brand)
3tbsp. pasta sauce(I used store bought pasta sauce)
1 chopped onion
3-4 cloves  minced garlic

2tbsp. roasted red pepper(If you don have this then use 1/2tsp. red chili powder)
2 tbsp parsley, freshly chopped(I didn’t use it.)

1/4th cup light cream
5-6 basil leaves(tulsi) chopped
2tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil
fresh black pepper and salt(according to your taste)
2 cheese cubes.

Method and Preparation:-
Step1 – Boil pasta as per the packet instruction.
Step2 – Take a pan and add olive oil in it.When hot saute chopped onion and garlic in it.
Step3 – Add pasta sauce, chilli powder, salt and black pepper powder in it and cook for 2 minute.If you find the sauce sticking to the pan then add little water in it .
Step4 – Add chopped parsley and cream and cook it again for 2 minutes.Add cheese cube(If you are a cheese lover otherwise avoid)
Step5 – Taste and adjust the salt and pepper and add chopped basil.
Fifteen minute creamy pasta recipe is ready to be serve.I like to eat with garlic bread .If garlic bread is not available then I have it with toast.
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  1. Wow..Such a simple n creamy pasta!!And btw..nice tip…I alwayz had that prob wid my sis..When i or mom prepares some dish which my sis does not feel like eating, we prepare in lesser quantities..and every time she takes a bite from my share n wants more of it!!
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