Easy and Affordable DIY Multani Mitti Masks For Skin Blemishes


Easy and Affordable DIY Multani Mitti Masks

Multani mitti also known as Fuller’s Earth is a popular and an age old beauty product. Multani mitti gets its name from Multan in Pakistan. The word literally means the ‘mud of Multan’.  In India, women used multani mitti long before the branded beauty products and advanced cosmetic cares. It is known to have worked wonders for skin. Fuller’s earth is available not only in beauty stores but also grocery stores. It is cheap and has no side effects since its herbal.

Benefits of multani mitti are many. Rich in magnesium chloride, this herbal product is a sure cure for acne and skin blemishes. Multani mitti is an effective cleanser and toner for the skin. It frees the skin of all the dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells revealing a softer and supple layer beneath. Getting rid of oil also means reducing the breakout of pimples. The excess oil clogs the open pores resulting in pimples.


multani mitti face mask


The miraculous product helps to get rid of all the blackheads and whiteheads naturally.  The healing properties will help reduce the redness and patchiness of the skin imparting a soothing feeling.

Real multani mitti can be identified by its muddy odour and cream to tan nature. The market today is flooded with various readymade multani mitti packs offered by renowned cosmetic brands.  The best thing would be to get it from the market, and try out some DIY masks at home. Try out these easy and affordable masks to get that glowing and beautiful skin.

For acne prone skin

Take two to three tablespoon of multani mitti, mix it with rose water and a pinch of camphor to give it a thick consistency. Apply in your face and neck. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it with cold water. This pack can be applied once or twice a week.

For pimple prone skin

Pimples are a common problem. To clear them take two spoonful of multani mitti add sandalwood powder and neem paste. Mix it with adequate amount of water to give it a smooth consistency. Apply the pack all over your face and neck and keep it for 15 minutes.  Use it daily to get rid of your pimples permanently.

For skin lightening

Multani mitti has skin lightening properties if mixed with another magic beauty ingredient besan known as chickpea flour. Mix both in equal quantities. Add some drops of fresh lemon juice or freshly extracted tomato juice to this mixture. Lemon juice and tomato juice are both bleaching agents. Mix water to attain a consistency that will make it easy to apply on your face and neck. Keep the mask for 20 minutes and then wash it with cold water.

For tanning and pigmentation

Continuous use of multani mitti as face packs helps to get rid of tanning and pigmentation.  Add some grated potato to it and add some water and some drops of olive oil. Cut open a vitamin E capsule and add to it. This pack will work wonders on your skin and with time will render an even complexion.

For wrinkles

This multani mitti pack will make you look younger. Make a clay mask and to this add an whole egg and a teaspoon of curd. Apply it on your face and neck liberally. This pack is an excellent remedy for firming and tightening your skin.

Multani mitti or Fuller’s Earth is an all rounder when it comes to beauty remedies. Make it a part of your daily care routine to get that glowing skin.

Do you use Multani Mitti Masks?

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  1. i lovee multani mitti..the first ever thing i ever used as pack…!!! use it regularly and I love what it does to my skin… 🙂

  2. This blog post is very insightful. I have been using multani mitti from quite sometime now and it really works great. Also, after washing my face after this pack I apply Oriflame’s Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree & Rosemary Purifying Blemish Solver. It has helped me in clearing the acne marks and blemishes to a great extent. You should definitely do a review on it.

  3. i have used multani mitti in my early teen when my skin was giving competition to the oil producing countries. my long forgotten face pack.


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