Easy and instant low calorie corn salad recipe


Corn is one of the most loved and popular vegetables.Corn is such a versatile vegetable that you can make anything with it.Be it soup,cutlets,sandwiches and even halwa.My aunt use to make delicious  corn halwa .I will try to post it recipe soon.

Coming back to the corn.Corn is a low fat complex that deserved a regular place on any healthy table.It is high in fiber,fat fighting and satisfying too.It helps in constipation too.You can make simple salads and curries and have it with bread or pao.

Corn salad is light and quick to make.You can adjust other vegetables in it according to your taste and availability of vegetables at home.

Ingredients(Serves 2)
Cooking and preparation 15 minutes

2 Cups corn.(You can take cooked corn or steam it up.American sweet corn or canned corns)To know how to steam corn and get a nice sweet flavor click here for the tip.

1tbsp fresh lime juice

1tbsp olive oil

Salt according to taste

Pepper according to taste

1 Chopped green chillies.

1cucumber chopped

1tomato chopped

Chopped corriander leaves for garnishing


Step1:Take a bowl and add corns,chopped tomatoes and cucumber in it.

Step2:Make a dressing by mixing olive oil ,salt and pepper and green chillies.

Step3:Add the dressing in the vegetables and toss it well.

Step4:Squeeze lemon juice in it and garnish it with coriander leaves.

Kitchen notes:-

1.You can use 1tsp of vinegar also in the dressing if you do not have lemon at home.

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