Easy and natural ways to control cholesterol

A person is considered to be having ideal cholesterol if it is under 180.Even 181 through 199 is also acceptable. Our genes and diet plays an important role in maintaining the cholesterol and if not taken seriously one can end up risking his or her life.

A few changes in the lifestyle gives worthy result without taking any medication. Below are some healthy changes by adapting these your cholesterol can be controlled to a great level.
Always check the nutrition level of the particular food item before buying it. Check out its total fat and see how much unhealthy fat it has .Unhealthy fats are trans fats and saturated fats, lower their numbers better it is.
Fast food-Many fast food restaurants are rising to the challenge and are offering healthy alternative food. Burgers, deep fried food, pizza, chips and all contribute to high LDL number.
Cholesterol information is generally on the label and if you already suffering from this problem then your doctor will recommend you to keep the total amount consumed in a day to be less than 200mgs.If you are healthy and fit then you can keep it under 300mgs also.

Recommended food
1. Eating oats every day helps in reducing LDL and raise HDL levels.
2. Olive oil is another very good thing to lower the LDL. Including olive oil in your diet will reduce the chances of having cardiovascular disease to a great level. Always choose oil carefully before making it regular part of your life. Cold pressed oil is much better than heat processed oil.
3. Flax seeds are powerful source of boosting HDL level.
4. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which is quite potent in boosting up HDL Level. If you do not like eating fish then having it capsules can also full fill its requirement.
In addition to life style and dietary habits change exercising should be one of the main parts of your life style. If you are suffering from cholesterol problem then it is always advisable to go for a full check up and asking the doctor for the suitable exercises for you.

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  1. my mom has this problem of high cholestrol..i kenw oats & olive oil help but didn't know about the other two..thanks for sharing :)http://weddingonthecards.blogspot.com/


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