Easy and simple ways to cover Varicose Veins/Spider Veins


Easy and simple ways to cover Varicose Veins/Spider Veins

Embarrassed to see those purplish raised veins on a women’s leg? Does the thought cringe you from within if you too will have to suffer spider and/or varicose veins by age 50? Fret no more! You surely want to wear that summer dress you choose after a good round of trials for the wedding next week? The only after thought that stops you from wearing the high hem dress is back of your legs is seen and those varicose veins can be seen snaking along your calves.

Wiseshe brings to you tips useful tips that will allow you to recapture your sexy legs and give you a leg up over your friends and foes. Before you think of opting to wear pants or gowns for events coming in the near future we are happy to bring to you easy and simple ways to cover up on varicose veins and treatments to get rid of them.

Apply makeup on the affected area to hide varicose veins


You can apply cream makeup to cover your varicose veins. Firstly make use of eye concealer. If your veins are blue colored make use of a concealer that has a tinge of yellow to it. But if your veins have red tones the concealer will also need to have a red tint in it too. Base it out with a clearer tone than your skin colour to give a natural skin tone to your legs.

Make use of bronzing creams

These creams come in handy to hide marks, scars, and varicose veins and can be used every day.

Other than being concerned about just hiding them through makeup and concealer wiseshe brings to you homemade treatments that are effective in treating varicose as in many cases these varicose veins become inflamed which results in acute pain.

Useful home remedies to get rid of varicose veins

  • It’s vital for you to eat a nutritious healthy diet every day. Your everyday diet should compromise of an intake of fresh fruit and raw vegetables to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Moreover healthy eating habits result in healthy circulatory system.

healthy diet

  • When sleeping or resting, keep your feet elevated to promote easy blood circulation. Do not remain stagnant for a long time in one place as it fosters the appearance of varicose veins.
  • Do not sit or stand up for a long time. Take breaks after regular intervals and move your legs or walk a bit to trigger blood flow, this will save you from a lot of problems.
  • Use socks that are tight on your legs and keep your veins compressed. The socks don’t have to be very tight though. Avoid wearing tight clothing because this harms circulation. Lastly, we recommend you a natural remedy to consume everyday.

Ingredients needed:

  • 2 tablespoons of horse chestnut extract
  • Water
  • Dilute two tablespoon of horse chestnut extract diluted in a glass of water and consume it daily.

Homemade ointment for varicose veins

Ingredients needed:

  • Marigold leaves and flowers
  • Butter

Make an ointment with marigold leaves and flowers and saute it in two tablespoons of butter. Leave it to steam on low flame. Heat it a little then. Let it cool off and filter. Put it in a container and keep it in a cool place. Apply it every day to the affected areas.

We hope by following these simple tricks you will be able to hide those varicose veins and can show off those skirts and dresses that flatter you so well.

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