Easy Banana bread recipe for beginners


I just know tiny bit of baking and the reason is I don’t have a sweet tooth. I really thank God for it I wonder what would have happened to me if I would have eaten pastries and cakes every day. Unlike me my husband can live only on sweets .One day he ate whole chocolate cake. Can you imagine eating a big chocolate cake but then he didn’t eat anything for one and half day..lolz..He just can’t eat much unlike me:D.I guess that is why opposite attracts.

Left with just the last piece:P
He never helps in cooking. He doesn’t even know how to cut onion and neither is interested in knowing but when it comes to making sweet he is ready to do anything. So in this recipe my husband helped me by measuring each and everything and in the end it turned out great.

Also, I forgot to take the right pictures and when I remembered it was too late. So here is the left over picture of the banana bread.

Those who are beginners in baking just  follow the step and don’t use brain(this is what i do in baking).I just stick to measurements and it turns out good.Thanks to Ishika.She guided me in baking.Ishika has joined cooking classes and soon she is going to come up with the recipes which she learnt there.So guys wiseshe is going to rock with great deserts man..I am waiting Ishika for thisJ

Here goes the recipe of banana bread.


1-3/4 cups all purpose flour(maida)(If you find self raising flour then don’t use baking powder and baking soda)
2 banana(ripen)
¾ cup sugar
½ cup butter
1tsp baking soda
1tsp baking powder
2 eggs
Pinch  of salt
½ cup yoghurt/curd
1 cup mixed nuts( walnuts. Almonds, pistachio etc. I used only almond)
1tsp vanilla essence

Method and Preparation:-

Step1-If you are not using self raising flour then mix all purpose flour, baking soda and baking powder and keep it aside.

Step2-Take butter in a bowl and whisk it with sugar.

Step3-Add the eggs and beat well.

Step4-Now add yogurt, vanilla essence and banana.

Step5-Add the mixed flour or self raisisng flour .Keep whisking so that it doesn’t have any lumps in it.

Step6-Now add the chopped walnuts in it and mix it up.

Step7-Now preheat the oven at 350f or at 180 degree and bake it in a pan for exactly one hour(60 minutes)

Step8-Check with a tooth pick or by inserting a knife in between the bread,If you get a clean knife then it means break is cooked.

 I don’t have a loaf pan and therefore baked in my usual cake pan..I never thought home made bread can be so tasty .Will be buying a loaf pan soon.

Let it cool and slice it up.You can serve with ice creams or have it in breakfast.Those girls who are working can prepare it on weekend and use it in breakfast.
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Wishing you a beautiful day ahead and stay tune for more posts:)



Did you like my attempt of baking bread or will you rather prefer cakes?

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  1. Yes Prathima..it did ..i think by cooking together or involiving in some good activities love for your partners enhances only and it breaks down the monotony also

    does yur husband cooks with u?
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  2. Then please ask the guy before wether he enjoys cooking or not…i have hard time when i m in hurry or ill and my husband cant even make rice or kichdi..

    i think all girls should take a cooking test before marrying a guy..:d

    This is my friendly advice to you Prathima:)
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  3. Hey Sanjeeta….

    Thank u so much for liking it..

    do u bake with your husband?
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  4. Thanks Premlatha…this is easy too..nothing much to do…and if u involve yur hubby in it then there is nothing like it:P

    does yur husband help u in cooking?

  5. haha..yaa i can give u a lost which u can tick mark when choosing one for yourself:D
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