Easy Beauty & Makeup Tips Every College Girl Swears By


Easy Beauty & Makeup Tips Every College Girl Swears By

Hey girls! Being in college is so much fun! Meeting new people, gaining experience & chilling with friends, it is really the best time of your life! In addition, it is also important to take care of your skin during this time & look pretty every day. Today, we share some tips to help you keep glowing especially with the limited amount of time in hand.


Keep It Simple: First of all, you do not want to load on too many products on your skin. Follow a simple beauty routine & carry a few essential products in your bag.

Flaunt A Healthy Glow: It is important to keep your skin fresh & healthy at all times. Use a quality face wash to keep it clean. Also, make sure to exfoliate your skin using a good scrub to keep the dead skin cells away.


Pick A Good Moisturizer: Always keep your skin well hydrated & moisturized. Pick a good moisturizer as per your skin type, whether you have dry, normal or oily skin. Apply a moisturizer after taking a shower & even during the day, if required.


Stay Protected From The Sun: Since you are out during the day, it is important to keep yourself protected from the harsh UV rays of the Sun. Always apply a sunscreen before stepping out of the house. This will also help to delay premature signs of ageing.


Pretty Pretty Nails: Beautify your nails with nail color. Go for different colors, textures & nail arts. Glitter, Sand, Metallic, French try them all & have some fun!


Facial Wipes: Keep some facial wipes handy in your bag. These come to your rescue on hot summer days or even for a quick touch-up.


Set The Base: Apply a BB cream or a light foundation to prep your skin. The idea is to even out your skin tone & prepare a good base for applying further makeup. However, you should not go too heavy on foundations & rather aim for a natural looking glow.


Brighten Up Your Eyes: Whether it is a late night assignment or a late night party, your under eye area bears the brunt! Use an under eye cream to keep it healthy & avoid fine lines & wrinkles. Apply a concealer to hide the dark circles & puffy eyes.


Eyeliner & Eyeshadow: Go for subtle nude eye shadows to keep it natural. Also, do not forget the eyeliner & try out different techniques such as double liner, cat eye, winged etc.


Kohl, Your Best Friend: Kohl is truly a girl’s best friend! With so many great options available today, pick a good kohl & let your eyes do the talking! In fact, you may also try out different colored kohls as well.

revlon kohl eye liner

Enhance Your Lashes: Once you are done with your eye makeup, do not forget to apply mascara. Pick a lengthening mascara & get ready to flutter those lashes!

Rosy Cheeks: Pick a soft colored blush like pink or peach to add a natural glow to your cheeks.


Soft & Smooth Lips: If you are not a lipstick fan, then apply a tinted lip balm or even a clear gloss. If you wish to put on some more color to your lips, then go for a lipstick. Try out shades like pink, soft coral & some neutral shades to enhance your natural beauty.

mac tahiti lip swatch

Do you college going girls follow these tips?

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