Easy blue eye shadow look on half upper eye lid

Yesterday I saw a girl wearing an half eye shadow on her upper eye lid.Her eye shadow was pretty pigmented and this was the only make up which she was wearing.I really liked it and after getting back home I tried it out.It took like five minutes and I thought for a eye make beginner and some one who wants to try something different this can be interesting.
What all I used
Maybelline ultra eyeliner (waterproof)
Maybelline New york Vivid and smooth liner highlighter

I applied baby powder and concealer on my eyelid and then applied the eye shadow on my upper eyelid.You can see in the pic that I didn’t cover whole of my eyelid and just the half of it.
I applied the highlighter under my brow bone then the mascara and the eye liner.

Done!!!Easy peasy but interesting.



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  1. you look lovely anamika:)…do let me know when u get to know about body shop sale…will go and grab this palette!!!

  2. whatever shadow i wear, how many brushes i use, i can never never blend properly!!!! as a result i wear shadows like this usually….. 😀 😀 and that too with blooooooooooo
    glad to hear m not the only one 😀 😀 :evilgrin: :evilgrin:


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