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                                                                          Glitter nail art
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I am back with my Nail art tutorial again and if I don’t do any post today then Rentu is going to bombard Wise She with hate comments 😀 so I better start blogging again:P

Glitter nail art can be applied in various forms.You can either use a glitter nail polish, loose glitter, glitter strips or just mixing some glitter with acrylic paints.

I have used a glitter nail paint in this one .Quiet an easy peasy tutorial which looks quiet subtle too.You can wear it during day as well as night time.Donchyaa you agree with me?

As usual it is a free hand nail art design with not too much of hassle so lets go ahead with the tutorial .

Step1 – Apply a transparent base coat on all your nails.(protects the nails from getting yellow) .To get the right shape of diagonal I have used stripping tape.To know stripping tape nail art technique click here.

Step 2– After apply the glitter nail art use any color nail polish .You can use black, pink , blue nail paint.Anything which goes well with glitter nail paint.I have used my Revlon Nail paint.You can see the swatches here.

Step 3 -With the help of a ball pen apply the black dots.You can go with white as well.To learn how to apply equal size dots with the a ball pen click here

Step 4 – Finish it with  a transparent coat again.

That is it and you are done!!!

Hope you liked the tutorial and this is going to wise she nail art gallery

Have a super duper Sunday !!!!
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