Easy grapes juice with step by steps pictures


Grapes juice is a quick to make and refreshing summer drink.Some people even boil grapes ,make pulp out of it and filter it with a sieve after adding sugar in it. I prefer grinding it directly as it is quick and I do not have to wait long for it to get cool.

Grapes juice is a good source of energy and also purifies your blood. Drinking grapes juice keeps constipation at bay. Infact I read in an article that grapes juice offers same benefit as the red wine. Antioxdiants which fight the bad cholestrol are present both in red wine and red grapes juice.

Ingredients:- (For 2)
1/2kg red or black grapes
Sugar for taste
1 orange juice
1/4th cup or 1/2 cup water as per requirement.


Step1-Take grapes and clean them thoroughly.

Step2-Add them in the grinder and add water as per requirement.

Step3-Filter it with a sieve and add orange juice and sugar in it.

Step4-Serve chilled with ice.


  1. Hey Anamika,

    Adding orange juice to grape juice?? Does it change the taste?
    I neva drink grape juices because I get kinda itchy sensation around my lips and mout :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :reallypissed: :reallypissed:

    • i can drink any kind of juices ..i just love them..it makes me feel healthy 😀 i even have kerala and bottle gorud juices too..by the way it will change the taste of juice when you add orange in it.

  2. Bottle guard juice??? I recently read that drinking bottle guard juice causes stomach ulcers and it could turn toxic when the vegetable is bitter …. Don’t know bout de authenticity though!!


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