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Using your eyeliner brush and taking risks may be not be something which everyone is comfortable with, but when one is wearing eyeliners since years, one does not shy away from trying out something new.

Few days back, I was a little bored of trying out the cat eyes so I thought of giving the cat eye look more of a graphic and interesting touch which is wearable too.I added a dash of purple shade over the eyeliner. Although after trying this trend number of times, I  realized that glittery eyeliner looks way more interesting .

Graphic eyeliner designs indian

I did attempt something similar but less twisted in the graphic eyeliner post here  .I saw MAC MUA wearing this and I was so so mesmerized by her eyeliner look that my hands itched to try it out the moment I reached home.

instyle graphic eyeliner tutorial+graphic eyeliner designs

Here we go with the picture tutorial.In the bottom row you can see how this eyeliner looks from different angles.

Graphic eyeliner design tutorial

Apply any eyeshadow of your choice on the lid. During the day, anything natural brown looks good and at  night I use something more prominent. Here I have used a cream eyeshadow in golden shade and have blended it out with the tip of my finger.

Step1 – With a gel eyeliner(Used Maybelline) start lining little before from the center of the lid and give it a winged look where the upper lashline ends as show in the 1st pic above.

Step2 – Now where the winged eyeliner ended(from the upper lashline), draw another line and stretch it out a bit and take  it to the end of your eye brow tail.Close both the line  by making a straight line .This straight line should be little outside the crease.

Step3 – Fill up inside the liner and then draw a thin line from the inner corner and join it to the center of the eyes from where we started.

If you want you can line your lower lashline as well but I don’t prefer that with this style.

I hope the picture tutorial and explanation is motivating enough for you to try 🙂

Have a great week ahead 🙂

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  1. Love this sale..n completely new…I had no idea this style even existed…A fresh change from the usual cat eye 🙂 awesome A!!

  2. If I apply it that thick, I thought I got it wrong 😛 Need to be more confident with the gel eyeliner. Cat eyes look fabulous! 🙂

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