Easy Guide To Rock The Blurred Lip Trend


Easy Guide To Rock The Blurred Lip Trend

Hello Ladies,

How is March going on for you all? Did you shop anything recently or planning to buy soon? I recently got few new products exclusively for skincare as right now a lot of makeup items in my vanity is still unused and I am planning on finishing those products first  and then switch to anything new!

Well, today we are certainly not talking about hauls or anything but a lip trend which has been creating a lot of buzz and you may have spotted a lot of celebrities flaunting the same on occasions like events, ramp walks! Yes, we are talking about the Blurred Lip Trend!

blurred lip trend

This lip trend is also really suitable for the makeup beginners or teenagers as they would be just perfect to carry this lip look without looking too old to apply bold shades and unnecessarily create a dark & dramatic look which sometimes doesn’t go with their age and facial features!

Carrying the look for the High-school Farewell or the Prom Night would be just perfect to give you an everlasting beautiful memory with the pictures and you will be happy to see how you rocked your look without going too over-board!

blurred lips

Blurred Lip Trend is mainly a new way to get those perky, just bitten, flushy lips with a tint of color and blurred edges to give that casual and care-free vibe!

Blurred Lip Trend : Things To Do!

The first thing to start with is to apply a crease-less concealer on the lips to diminish the fine lines which also gives a smooth base for blurred lips to actually show!

There are lip concealers also available and one should should the one which is enriched with Vitamin E to prevent the lips from drying out!

lip prep

Choose a shade of lip color which will perfectly describe ” just bitten” and pick shades like deep red, oxblood! You can always experiment with different shades once you perfect the blurring out technique! Heavily apply the color majorly on the center of the lips!

Add another lipstick in a similar tone to give the effect of the lip color fading gradually!

Add a light hint of a natural shade of lip tint on the lips, focusing mainly on the center part of both the lips, for the most natural looking luscious lips without properly defining any one of the shades in particular!

lip concealer

Now with the help of your fingers, lightly dab on the lips to give the lip color a blurred effect. Do not define the corners of the lips and just dab your fingers which creates the faded effect on the lips!

blurred lip trend tips

You can make it look, ” Just out of Bed” or as bold as you can and can carry this lip trend with almost every occasion! Also read What Makeup Trends Will Rule 2018?

Blurred Lip Trend : Dont’s

  • You should choose colors which look dramatic on the lips to create the blurred lips! Neon shades or too bright shades might not blend it well and won’t be unable to create the required look!
  • Always make sure to use a concealer on the lips, otherwise it will only accentuate the fine lip lines and won’t look that appealing!
  • Do not define the edges for achieving this lip trend it just needs a light dab all over while the center of the lips need a heavy hint of color!

Hope you like this trend and try out sometime! 🙂


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