Easy Hair Treatments For Damaged Hair


Easy Hair Treatments For Damaged Hair

In our social circle, we all love to flaunt our new selves. We love it when someone appreciates our clothing choice or the beauty of applying eye liner. We love it when someone asks us to come for shopping with them as they so much adore our choice and lifestyle.

damaged hair problems

We are filled with confidence and feel glad when they say we have a beautiful soul and they love sharing secrets with us..!!

But how heartbroken we feel, when someone touches our hair and says what is happening with your hair? Go get a treatment!!.

Or when they say, that apart from our lifeless hair, we are so perfect in and out.! So hey beautiful, when you are so perfect than why to lack behind because of your damaged hair..!!

hair pack for dry hair

To make you stand apart and on top, today I will helping you out with some super hair treatments to get rid of damaged hair.


Once in 2 weeks, go for Hair Steam. Trust me it is an amazing way of repairing your damaged strands. You can easily find Hair Steaming in parlors and salons in very affordable prices.

But if you want to try at home, do this:

  • Damp your towel and heat it into microwave for 20 seconds and wrap it around your head in turban style.
  • Keep it for 2-3 minutes and repeat the process for 5-6 times.
  • This way you will naturally steam your hair and you will see healthy, shiny and repaired hair in 2 months.

Deep Oiling

Oil Your Hair

Oiling has been recommended from ages for perfect long and healthy hair. And trust me if you are regular in oiling you will never discover hair problems. For deep oiling, Sarso, Coconut and Olive Oils are considered best. Sarso being the oldest oil from our history, daily use can actually help you a lot. But if you do not like the smell of this Oil, go for Olive Oil. It is easily available and has amazing properties to treat all types of hair. If you find Olive Oil little expensive, go for Coconut Oil.

South Indians have the most lustrous black hair, because of their use of Coconut Oil. They have been using this Oil since childhood and thus they never get any type of hair problems.

best hair growth oil diy

Note: For more effective results, always heat up your oil a little and then apply. Keep the oil on your head for at least 6-7 hours and then wash.


Hair Strengthening Mask_Egg+best hair mask

Eggs for hair are bliss. Mix 2 eggs in curd and apply the mixture on combed hair. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash. Shampoo for getting rid of the smell. Repeating this method every week for 2 months will help you realizing the difference.

Banana Pack

banana skin care

Banana is extremely good for skin and scalp. The healthier and clean your scalp is, the beautiful your locks would grow. For damaged hair, banana pack is recommended by many people.

Do this:

  • Take one banana and add 2 spoon of Curd into it. Grind it and make a paste.
  • Add your hair oil into it and apply on you scalp and hair. Don’t forget to put hair cap.
  • Wash it after 20-30 minutes and shampoo.
  • In a span of 2-3 months, you will see all your hair getting repaired, plus this pack helps in hair growth too.

I hope you like these easy hair treatments to repair damaged hair easily within a short time period!

Have you tried any of these hair treatments before?

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