Easy Home/Herbal remedies for high blood pressure

Everyone in their life will have at least one family member or a known person suffering from this dreadful disease. High blood pressure is a silent killer and one just doesn’t realize when he or she falls into its grip.

Various causes of high blood pressure are:-

1. Stress due to hectic life style or various other reason.

2. Obesity

3. High intake of sodium etc.

Below here are herbal remedies with Tulsi which helps in curing high blood pressure.

Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) is a widely grown, sacred plant of India. It belong to the labiateae family. It is also called by names like Manjari/Krishna tulsi (Sanskrit), Trittavu (Malayalam), Tulshi (Marathi) and Thulsi (Tamil & Telegu). It is called Holy Basil in English.

Sil batta(stone grinder)

1. Take 5 tulsi petals, 3 fresh curry leaves (meetha neem patta) and make a paste of it. You can use sil batta( stone grinder) to make the paste for best result. Mix this paste in 20ml of water and drink it for two weeks. You yourself will feel the difference.

2. Take 10-12 tulsi leaves and make a paste of it. Now take ½ cup fresh curd and add this paste into it. Next add ½ cup water and have this mixture in morning.

3. If you take 2-3 tsp of fresh tulsi leaves juice for long duration then your blood pressure problem will be cured permanently. You have to take this juice empty stomach early in the morning .Don’t take anything till one hour after having the juice.

All the above remedies have shown remarkable result and are completely herbal without any side effect. Still if you are allergic to tulsi then you should avoid these remedies.


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