Easy Left Over Bread Recipe


If you have any left over bread stacked safe in your pantry, this recipe is one of the best to make use of it !!!


Ingredients required


Bread (preferably couple of days old ones)
6 slices
Onions(chopped fine)
3 table spoons
Capsicum (chopped fine)
2 table spoons
Tomatoes(chopped fine)
Chaat masala (2 table spoons)
Butter(2 table spoon + 1 tea spoon)
Cheese (1 slice)


Method & Preparation :-


Preheat the oven 180 degrees

 Step 1  –  Take a piece of bread and cut it round using a container lid as shown in the picture below


bread recipes blog


Repeat the same for all the 6 slices of bread.


left over bread recipes food blog 3


Spread a generous amount of butter on both the sides of circles. Place the circles on a plate and  spread chopped onions on top of the circle  followed by tomatoes and capsicum (I added only green ones , you can add yellow and red ones as well to make it more colourful and healthy).Sprinke some chaat masala on the top of veggies and  finally top it off with grated cheese

As I was in a hurry, I could not grate the cheese. I just topped it with cheese chunks.

Circles ready for baking 🙂

bread recipe left over

Circles under baking .

Bake it for 15 minutes. Mine was done in exactly 11 minutes

cheese bread left over recipes


Fresh out of oven 🙂

cheese and bread recipes

Serve it hot !!


left over bread recipe blog

It tastes crunchy and baked veggies and cheese together with chaat masala tastes yummy.


instant bread recipes

Note - You can also use the veggies of your choice, and You can slice the bread in different shapes and make it as a great starter recipe.

Sorry for the blurd photos (I have taken it in my mobile camera)

I wish everyone would like the recipe !!!

Thank You all beautiful ladies

See you all with more recipes !!!:)


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  1. this is so cool..love the idea..shall defy be trying it.

    We make something called bread upma..basically like a sabji you add oil, fry jeera, mustard till its pops, add green chillies, onions, fry a bit, add tomatoes and groundnuts, fry till brown, add salt, turmeric, let it cook a bit, add bread pieces, fry a bit (dont want it too brown also)..add coriander to garnish and serve..

    you can choose any type of bread

    • Sure ashu !!!
      plz let me know once after u trying it.
      this can be made very easily when u have guests at home and this makes a great party starter too !!!

        • hey cheese masala dosa is available in some restaurants.
          that used to be my staple diet when i was studying !!
          i make it at home once after making dosa, at last stage I just add a cheese slice and fold dosa and allow it to get more crisp on medium heat. it tastes yummm
          oh my mouth is watering !!!

            • no dear paneer masala dosa is also availabe at restaurants but somehow I dont like it at all !!!
              try out cheese dosa !!!
              am sure crispy dosa with melting cheese would taste just yum


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