Easy Nail Art Tutorial In Blue Stripes


By Prerana Sharma,

I like using various blue in my nail art so thought of this simple nail art design.Hope you guys will like it:)

Easy Nail Art In Blue stripes

For this nail art you will need all these colors The extreme left color is Purple color but it is appearing blue in pic. I tried to click pic in many ways directly under light but purple  was not showing up  😕 Ok, then u will need a silver, a maroon, a sky blue nail color and a zero brush (forgot to click pic of brush).

Nail Art blog

1. First, apply the sky blue color on your nails and form a base coat. After it dries completely apply a second coat only on the root of the nails..

Nail Art design in blue

2. Then take the shimmer maroon color and apply on the tips of your nail diagonally in left to right direction as shown in the pic below. Let it dry completely before proceeding further.

Nail Art design in stripes

3. Now take the purple color and apply this from right to left diagonally on the tips of your nails as shown in the pic below..

Nail Art Design in Blue And Purple

Now with a zero brush or any old eyeliner brush draw two parallel silver lines as illustrated below.

This step is not applicable to you Anamika coz you have nail art “pens” sorry, lolz….

Blue And Silver Nail Art

And you are done… :alien:

Sorry the pics are not that bright as it should have been as I clicked them at night. But from next time I will do nail arts in day time outdoors so that purple comes purple, not navy blue… lol…

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