Easy Split ends treatment


 By Gunjan ,                                    

 My dull ,  life less hair with split ends showed no improvement even after getting them trimmed regularly.I accepted it as a common problem which is faced by so many of us who have dry and brittle hair.Few months back one of my friend told me about warm avocado and olive oil hair treatment which worked for her .Though I had lost all hope I thought of giving it a try.

I didn’t have avocado oil with me so I used olive oil.Massage the warm oil in the scalp and wrap hair securely in a towel.Leave oil in hair overnight or for around 8 hours.I used a shower cap on my head to avoid staining the pillows and bedding.

In morning wash your hair with an mild shampoo.I used Fab India aloe vera shampoo which has become one of my best shampoo for damaged hair

Hair oil benefit- I got my hair trimmed two months back before starting the hot oil hair treatment and I can see visible difference in my split ends.

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